Trying To Go Public

Cleveland has started and annual Garden Walk that displays the gardens and urban farms of locals in several neighborhoods. Last year, My community garden (which I am no longer a part of) and a neighbor were part of it, and I want in on it. I do remember that I happened to be home that day (June 25th), and several people were walking by and asked me if I was part of the tour. I said no, but I would love to be involved. So anyways, I have sent them several messages, complete with contact info and blog address, and have received no response. Perhaps they don't start worrying about next year until, well, next year? Anyways, If you happen to be one of the people in charge of finding new gardens to include in the tour, HERE I AM!!! Come on over!!! The Golden Girls and I would love to talk to you!!!

If you want to bombard them with messages on my behalf, they also have a Facebook Page.

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  1. Hello Tiny and thanks for following my blog ! Had fun reading yours and so glad you have fmily to share beef with you. We have a large family and it is one of our great joys that they too will eat only the meat we raise. And they are the best marketers for us as well. Take care!