Mama Gardener has sold her house! I have NEVER posted on this because the house was for sale for 2 years because as Cinderella said, "If you tell a wish, it won't come true!" It sold almost 2 years to the day it was first listed. She didn't get as much money as she wanted, but nevertheless, the thing is sold! The closing was yesterday, and I am sure she is so relieved. It's always a stressful thing buying and selling houses. It's truly a great situation as the buyer is an investor from CA and was going to need to find a tenant, so Mama agreed to rent it until next summer. Now she doesn't own it, but gets to take her sweet ole time moving out (and on.) Congrats Mama!


  1. thank you so much pea pod....love you

  2. How awesome is that! Congrats, and what a great situation to have extra time to move out! :)