Planting Garlic

I FINALLY got my hands on a rototiller last week! And then it rained... And then I had to work for 4 days... THEN I got home, and it was GORGEOUS outside! Sunny, 60, perfect tilling and planting weather. I tilled in some peat moss and composted manure, raked it out, and shoved the cloves in. Covered with straw, covered that with chicken wire, and then laid some boards on top to keep the whole lot from blowing away or getting dug up by The Golden Girls. We planted a grand total of 180 cloves - here is the breakdown.... 22 German Extra Hardy,   53 Chesnok Red, 59 Persian Star, and 46 Lorz Italian. The seed heads were HUGE! I purchased them all from Seed Savers Exchange, and I am NOT disappointed. Next garlic update is coming in spring!
I do believe this is a Lorz Italian....

The rest of the garden is DONE. I pulled out everything except a bed of tomatoes because the Girls like to go in there and hide when it is windy. I am sure that once all the leaves fall off and they are nothing but sticks coming out of the ground, they won't find it as useful, but for now, I will leave it. Besides, they like to eat the leftover tomatoes that I am no longer interested in. I am already starting plans for next years garden... I know, I know, I am special. But I know that all you gardeners out there are doing the same thing!


  1. 180 garlic? Do you use them all, if so how do you plan to preserve them? Me, I just planted 65 myself :)

  2. RG - I have never grown it before, so I really have no idea! I know we use a ton of garlic in this house, so hopefully we will have plenty for cooking and then some for planting next year... I plan on just drying the garlic and making braids to use through the year.

  3. That's funny, we planted garlic today too! It was very hard to get too, but now it's done. What a relief! It will be interesting to compare when each of our harvests come in next year.

  4. Gah! I still need to get garlic in! I am falling way behind.