New Floor!

Well, not a whole floor. Just a partial floor. Hubby and I took the plunge and purchased a pellet stove to keep up nice and toasty this winter. In order to have the thing installed, we had to lay down a tile floor, as fire doesnt go so well with wood. So hubby had his first tiling project done yesterday in about 3 hours. He did so well! The guy came this morning (I am at work of course) to check out our house and the area where it will be installed... Hopefully the install date has been chosen... I am just so excited!
The scariest part... Cutting out the wood floor

Chiseling out the leftovers on top of the original flooring from the homes life in 1870

Laying tile

Drying... Then it is grout time!
This is the stove we chose! Can't wait to have this puppy delivered!


  1. Nice! We love our woodstove! The heat is a "real" heat...just soaks into everything. Looks like your husband did a fine job!

  2. Nice! Hubby and I were just discussing putting in one of these bad boys the other day!

  3. How exciting! We looked into the possibility of a wood stove, but unfortunately it would up our insurance to wayyyy more than we are comfortable paying. I will just keep tabs on you and live vicariously toasty warm through your posts about it. :)