The Last Hurrah

We have been picking what is left in the garden before I rip it all out. We have several bowls of tomatoes, a bowl of peppers, and a few baby eggplants. I must definitely figure out some good things to make with the last of our produce. A few weeks ago, I had a TON of peppers and just about a half ton on tomatoes, and thought hmm... what the heck do you make with this? I found a recipe for a charred chili bbq sauce, and it was DELISH. Honestly not so good by itself, but on some grilled meats, it really is awesome. The end of tomato season is sad, BUT it does mean GARLIC. My garlic order from Seed Savers arrived yesterday, so I will get to planting that next week. I have to ammend the bed where it will go, and then figure out a way to make sure The Girls don't dig it up. Their new favorite place to dig is in my tulip bed (which also needs to be moved.) I also have to dig up a rose bush... I think I want to move it the front of the side yard, but I am not really sure... I think I want to get rid of my irises, but I am not really sure on that one either... Sounds like a good time to make a to do list... (Ignore this part and just go straight to the pics) OH AND I got a desk! Finally! After giving up my first office to Hubby, then my second office to the dining room, I finally have a place to work again. And by work, I mean studying... Studying Studying, and more studying... Did I mention Studying???

Decide on red rose bush and irises
move tulips
sift out compost
move tools back to garage and start using the OTHER compost bin....
amend bed and plant garlic
pull rest of tomatoes and peppers
clean and take canning stuff back to basement
weed whack and rake out back yard of random tomatoes/peppers/and of course chicken poop

The last of the garden... I got those 2 little pumpkins at the market...

Nasty looking BBQ mix of veggies


putting my office together

Punkin likes her new perch... Don't worry, I have plenty of stuff to fill up those cubicles...


  1. Yup, it's that time of year to clean it all out and salvage what you can.

    I think you need another cat. Bookends.

  2. I agree with APG...you need more CATS to fill up those cubbies!

  3. i am sorry.. i have to disagree... no more KITTIES :)

    love the new offie... awesome!

    hugs~~ Momma

  4. APG, NO more cats! Hubby would kill me! Although I am sure that without his supervision, I would easily be a crazy cat lady, adopting all I could get my hands on!

    Momma, yeah... no more cats, like I said I would be dead...

  5. The office looks great! The sauce looks good, too.

  6. I must agree..I love your office! So conducive to studying :)

  7. I envy you..all the veggies that you eat are so fresh!