Mama Gardener has sold her house! I have NEVER posted on this because the house was for sale for 2 years because as Cinderella said, "If you tell a wish, it won't come true!" It sold almost 2 years to the day it was first listed. She didn't get as much money as she wanted, but nevertheless, the thing is sold! The closing was yesterday, and I am sure she is so relieved. It's always a stressful thing buying and selling houses. It's truly a great situation as the buyer is an investor from CA and was going to need to find a tenant, so Mama agreed to rent it until next summer. Now she doesn't own it, but gets to take her sweet ole time moving out (and on.) Congrats Mama!


New Floor!

Well, not a whole floor. Just a partial floor. Hubby and I took the plunge and purchased a pellet stove to keep up nice and toasty this winter. In order to have the thing installed, we had to lay down a tile floor, as fire doesnt go so well with wood. So hubby had his first tiling project done yesterday in about 3 hours. He did so well! The guy came this morning (I am at work of course) to check out our house and the area where it will be installed... Hopefully the install date has been chosen... I am just so excited!
The scariest part... Cutting out the wood floor

Chiseling out the leftovers on top of the original flooring from the homes life in 1870

Laying tile

Drying... Then it is grout time!
This is the stove we chose! Can't wait to have this puppy delivered!

Garden Walk 2012

Yay!!! The people from Garden Walk Cleveland finally contacted me! I am so excited! Hopefully I will be able to get a few of my neighbors in on it also. Awesome!!!
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Trying To Go Public

Cleveland has started and annual Garden Walk that displays the gardens and urban farms of locals in several neighborhoods. Last year, My community garden (which I am no longer a part of) and a neighbor were part of it, and I want in on it. I do remember that I happened to be home that day (June 25th), and several people were walking by and asked me if I was part of the tour. I said no, but I would love to be involved. So anyways, I have sent them several messages, complete with contact info and blog address, and have received no response. Perhaps they don't start worrying about next year until, well, next year? Anyways, If you happen to be one of the people in charge of finding new gardens to include in the tour, HERE I AM!!! Come on over!!! The Golden Girls and I would love to talk to you!!!

If you want to bombard them with messages on my behalf, they also have a Facebook Page.


Planting Garlic

I FINALLY got my hands on a rototiller last week! And then it rained... And then I had to work for 4 days... THEN I got home, and it was GORGEOUS outside! Sunny, 60, perfect tilling and planting weather. I tilled in some peat moss and composted manure, raked it out, and shoved the cloves in. Covered with straw, covered that with chicken wire, and then laid some boards on top to keep the whole lot from blowing away or getting dug up by The Golden Girls. We planted a grand total of 180 cloves - here is the breakdown.... 22 German Extra Hardy,   53 Chesnok Red, 59 Persian Star, and 46 Lorz Italian. The seed heads were HUGE! I purchased them all from Seed Savers Exchange, and I am NOT disappointed. Next garlic update is coming in spring!
I do believe this is a Lorz Italian....

The rest of the garden is DONE. I pulled out everything except a bed of tomatoes because the Girls like to go in there and hide when it is windy. I am sure that once all the leaves fall off and they are nothing but sticks coming out of the ground, they won't find it as useful, but for now, I will leave it. Besides, they like to eat the leftover tomatoes that I am no longer interested in. I am already starting plans for next years garden... I know, I know, I am special. But I know that all you gardeners out there are doing the same thing!


Beef Part 2

It's here, It's here! The beef! I made the 2.5 hour drive down to the butcher and the 2.5 hour drive back home and unloaded 5 cases of beef. I have all sorts of steaks, roasts, short ribs, soup bones, and ground beef galore. My freezer is filled to capacity. We had to have a couple of friends over to eat just so we would be able to close the freezer. I had to move all my veggies and stuff to the upstairs freezer, and needless to say, it is full as well. If I go to the grocery store any time in the next month, it will be for nothing besides juice, cheese, and soy milk. I need nothing. It is really a weird feeling, and definitely well worth it.

Now, for those who have never gotten a side of beef, you will be amazed at the price. Now, Row Family Farmers Extraordinaire have given us our beef as a Christmas present (and let me say, I am happy to get that EVERY year instead of presents wrapped in bows) and all we had to pay was our processing fee. The grand total for us? $165.00. Yep, you read that right... A year's worth of beef for under $200. I love having farmers as family. It's friggin awesome!

How to keep track of all of this? I found this handy little inventory list over at Northwest Edible Life... Her downloads are awesome, and I definitely recommend checking them out. 


The Last Hurrah

We have been picking what is left in the garden before I rip it all out. We have several bowls of tomatoes, a bowl of peppers, and a few baby eggplants. I must definitely figure out some good things to make with the last of our produce. A few weeks ago, I had a TON of peppers and just about a half ton on tomatoes, and thought hmm... what the heck do you make with this? I found a recipe for a charred chili bbq sauce, and it was DELISH. Honestly not so good by itself, but on some grilled meats, it really is awesome. The end of tomato season is sad, BUT it does mean GARLIC. My garlic order from Seed Savers arrived yesterday, so I will get to planting that next week. I have to ammend the bed where it will go, and then figure out a way to make sure The Girls don't dig it up. Their new favorite place to dig is in my tulip bed (which also needs to be moved.) I also have to dig up a rose bush... I think I want to move it the front of the side yard, but I am not really sure... I think I want to get rid of my irises, but I am not really sure on that one either... Sounds like a good time to make a to do list... (Ignore this part and just go straight to the pics) OH AND I got a desk! Finally! After giving up my first office to Hubby, then my second office to the dining room, I finally have a place to work again. And by work, I mean studying... Studying Studying, and more studying... Did I mention Studying???

Decide on red rose bush and irises
move tulips
sift out compost
move tools back to garage and start using the OTHER compost bin....
amend bed and plant garlic
pull rest of tomatoes and peppers
clean and take canning stuff back to basement
weed whack and rake out back yard of random tomatoes/peppers/and of course chicken poop

The last of the garden... I got those 2 little pumpkins at the market...

Nasty looking BBQ mix of veggies


putting my office together

Punkin likes her new perch... Don't worry, I have plenty of stuff to fill up those cubicles...


Just Some Cat Fun

One of my "friends" on facebook posted this video... Just like my Punkin, noises and all...