Yet another food I can't Eat...

So, in my rush of preparing 4 days worth of food to take with me on my trip, I thought it a decent idea to buy a bag of salad. I would NEVER normally do this, but I wash rushed for time, and thought it would be easy. Just grab a salad dressing at the hotel bar, and instant dinner! However, after eating a HUGE plate of salad and a sammie with lettuce on it, and within mere hours, I have hives. Not little ones like I had with the peach jam, but big ones. Like, monster skeeter bite ones. And they are ITCHY! Thank goodness they have only developed on my arms and one in my armpit and not on my face (knock on wood.) So, I am adding to my list of reasons to NEVER eat commercially grown food. If only my chickens would stop eating my lettuce sprouts....


  1. "If only" your chickens... is right. If only that darn groundhog would stop finding ways into our garden and eating our romaine lettuce. It's a lot of hard work to produce a reliable "bag" of salad.

  2. Oh no!! I wonder if it is more the chemicals they wash the lettuce with.

  3. Crazy! And terrifying! What the heck could they possibly be putting on/in lettuce!!! I'm sorry this keeps happening to you, but wow! You're body is very communicative with you! Congrats on that!

  4. Jody- I hear you on the groundhog. We also have one of those, and right now he favors my tomatoes. Little bastard!

    APG- I think you are EXACTLY right on there...

    BeeGirl- yeah, this whole "allergy" thing is pretty new in my life. The whole body-is-talkin-thing is great but at the same time, like you said, sucks! Now sometimes I am terrified to eat anything at the airport. I don't think I made a post about it, but I got sUPeR awful food poisoning from airport food about a month ago... Ick!!!

  5. Oh NO! Hives?? That's terrible! I think bagged lettuce tastes NASTY (even my eight year old, when at a picnic where someone has made a salad with bagged lettuce, will say "this stuff tastes like chemicals!) but Hives? Gosh, tiny...I think you'd better steer WAY clear of the stuff! :( Give those chickens of yours a stern talking to!