Yep, It Is Definitely Fall

We are only 3 days into the official season of Autumn, and the animals are already feeling it. The Golden Girls have been on their perch since about 6 pm, and I must say, the egg production is already waning. Only one egg every couple of days for about the last week or so, and only from Dorothy (barred rock) and none from Rose and Blanche (Rhode Island Red) except for Blanches egg problems... I dont ever count on eggs from her...

The cats are feeling it too. Punkin has been sleeping on the bed blankets ALL DAY. And when I say all day, I am really not kidding. She slept there all night, all morning, all afternoon, and has been sitting there for the last couple of hours. I think she may have only gotten up to feed and relieve herself. She is definitely taking in the rainy and chilly days. Oliver of course has taken up shop on the throw blankets in the basket downstairs, and Charlotte has reclaimed her cold weather spot in the papasan chair (or wherever Punkin is...)

The garden is definitely done, and I just have to get out there to pull everything out. But this rain... Oh this rain... October will be my month. I have vacation days, and that means a whole week off work that doesn't coincide with any exams. Thank goodness! So what that REALLY means is one whole day I can dedicate to cleaning up the garden, amending at least one bed for garlic, and getting it in the ground. It is being delivered next week!!!

I think the beef should be ready sometime early next week, so I will have to plan a day trip down to the country to take care of that also...


  1. Thanks for the kitty picture! And how festive!

  2. Enjoy the season. Enjoy the break!

  3. how cute it that little Punkin~~

  4. Cute cat picture! Isn't it funny how even if we didn't have a calendar and couldn't look outside to see the obvious seasonal changes, the animals would let us know that fall is coming? Enjoy your slide into autumn!