It worked out just right so that I would be able to go to Oktoberfest this year! I love it! Beers, wines, food, and of course, Weiner Races! Our friends Dave and Patty have a little weiny - Sammy Hagar - and this was her first year in the races at the ripe ole age of 12. She didn't do so hot, and was so scared she didn't even leave the starting gate, but we love her anyways! 
Sammy Girl

Team Sammy - Dave and Patty
And every year, they have this guy - I don't know his name - but he carves GIANT sculptures out of sand. This year, he carved Beowulf. Unfortunately, we left before he completed the sculpture...

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  1. Oh! I haven't been to a "real" fest in years! Glad you got to go to Oktoberfest, and that sculpture looks really cool, thanks for the pics. Go weenie racers! :)