Merry Ole London

This weekend took me at surprise when scheduling called and assigned me an international trip! So, before I knew it, I was on my way to the UK. Excited to go somewhere I have never been, yet sad because I was to miss Hubby and I's second wedding anniversary AND his high school reunion - including a missed weekend with some of my favorite friends, Jeff and Lisa. However, my crew was great, I had some really awesome food, and now, I need a nap. 10 hours of sleep in 3 days does not a happy gardener make! Anywho, here are some (ok, a lot of) photos. Beware, there are kind of a lot of Big Ben photos, mainly because the light was simply awesome looking.
A very British car

Britsh buildings

Double decker bus! I didn't ride one though

My tube station

Big Ben

Some drunk guy

The big eye, and some building that was huge and awesome


The big awesome building again

buildings overlooking the river Thames

Big Ben and Parliament

Just a cool shot of a wide corridor

Ha, this dude was awesome

More Parliament

Just a cool shot of a light

Backside of Parliament

Outside of Westminster Abbey - The chapel

Westminster Abbey - Front



Buckingham Palace

Beautiful flowers outside Buckingham

The Famous Terrace on Buckingham

One of Many gates surrounding Buckingham

This was one of the gaurds... I was really hoping to see the ones with the big fuzzy hats, but none were there :(

Me and Flight Attendant Mary


  1. OH WOW! What a cool trip! As much as I love this country, I would love to visit the "older" countries to see the old architecture. Beautiful pics, thanks for sharing!

  2. Pretty amazing place, I'd love to go there some day.

  3. Great pictures! I'd love to go there one day, too.

  4. ahhh... the Princess Diana of Wales Walkway.... how did I know you would find it... the pics are BEAUTIFUL~ the buildings are amazing.... I am so glad you got to go...get some rest~~ love you pea pod

  5. AWESOME! See -travel and tomatoes-!!! How awesome is that?

    I love traveling, especially other countries. They have the most amazing buildings, don't they!?

    So glad you got to do this yet sorry you missed your big events here!

    Happy Anniversary!