Look Look! I See Rain Barrels!!!!!!!

I got home from my trip, and hubby surprised me with a present! 4 Beautiful Barrels! They are not hooked up yet, just like the other rain barrel I have had for almost 2 years... We will definitely get on this project now that we have all of the barrels. I can't wait! Cutting back on our water usage will be spectacular. I really can't wait! Now, all I have to do is find some very user friendly rain barrel instructions....
Another project - I need to fence (refence) the back of the yard... The neighborhood cats have discovered we have chickens, and they like to stalk them in the morning... And that damn groundhog is still eating all my greens... Little bastard... When we live in the country (someday), we will be able to shoot him!


  1. Yeah for rain barrels! My the things that make us giddy...whodda thunk it? :oD

    Oh I hope those cats go away! That makes me cringe!!!

  2. Have you tried a live trap for your bastard groundhog? They are kinda expensive, but you may be able to rent them at a local hardware of farm store.

    We bought a bunch of those rain barrels last year....and only have one left, but haven't yet made a rain catchment system! Those things are great for a million things!

  3. cool for the fact that u can cut on water usage...we have heavy rain almost everyday here lately & i have not yet start to collect em.....maybe because i dont have that much plants to water yet..only a few seedlings trying to survive from being destroyed by the cats...LOL ;)

  4. APG - I know! I am into cheap entertainment/simple and useful things. Those cats are killin me! Yesterday I had to thwart off 2 more attempts at an attack...

    Carolyn - The trap is a good idea, but that little bastard is smart! There are trap all over the neighborhood for him! The old guy down the street is prepared with his bow and arrow (yeah, no joke) but when we see the groundhog, we tell the old guy, and then its just too slow of a process... I hate that groundhog...

    HK - My cats eat my seedlings too! It drives me crazy! Though this year for the first time, I was able to plant peppers, but they then ate all my cabbage and "greens" seedlings... Darn those cats!

  5. About the groundhog...call your animal control and see if they would bring a trap to your garden, catch the groundhog and take him somewhere else and release him. Just do NOT bring him here, I've plenty of the rascals now and have given permission to folks to shoot them. The hunters who do shoot them here, also eat them or can them for winter eating.
    Nice rain barrels, I'm envious!
    Okay...now reading the other comments. Oops on the trap.
    As to the cats, grow them some catnip in a section away from your food; see if that entices them.

  6. Definitely read the chapter on Superchuck, the groundhog from hell, in "The $64 Tomato"!

  7. Thistle Cove - I think my cats might be lawnmowers... They eat everything! Even when they have a distraction...

    Anne - I JUST got my copy of "Tomato" today! I will for sure read it, just after this semester. School unfortunately keeps my reading brain occupied 25 out of 24 hours a day :( But it is now in my library!

  8. Beautiful. That's a job on our list as well. We have one but with all our animals, we need quite a few more!