Harvest Monday

We did it! We broke the 100 pound mark! I don't think I have done so ever before in my personal garden experience, and I am really proud!
Adding this to the leftovers from last week, I have some more canning and soup making to do!

This weeks totals:
8 lb 14 oz San Marzano tomatoes
1 lb 1 oz green zebra tomatoes
5 lb 13 oz cherry type tomatoes
1 lb 4 oz brandywines
1 lb 5 oz ananas tomatoes
11 oz various peppers

Total for the Year: 117 lb 10 oz !!!!

Thanks Daphne for hosting Harvest Monday!


  1. 117 POUNDS>>>> AWESOME

    love you pea pod

  2. Yay for 117 pounds!!! I'm hoping to break the 100 pound mark this week...a personal best for me, too!!! Congrats on all the beautiful tomatoes! Cheers!

  3. You know, maybe next year I'll start taking weights of the produce. This year would have been sorry....although technically, I MAY have 100 lbs. of Butternut Squash by the time they stop producing. They were the only thing that survived the heat wave here. Just a handful of tomatoes, two or three peppers and two cups of peas.

    Congrats on breaking the 100# mark! Feels good to be making your own food, don't it? :)

  4. Hurrah for reaching a milestone in your garden's production levels! You realize this means that next year you need to shoot for more than 200lbs? :D

  5. Heck yeah!! Awesome achievement!!

  6. Congrats on 100+ pounds....and for also keeping up with weighing it :)

  7. Congrats!! It sure is a nice feeling when your garden produces like that!

  8. Congratulations! There's nothing quite like growing a successful garden. You've worked hard.

  9. Thanks Everyone! It really does feel great to have made this milestone.

    CarolynRenee - I am sorry your garden hasn't gone so well this year! You are in the same boat with a lot of folks. The ridiculously wet spring, then the insane heat waves didn't help matters any. And yeah, making our own food really is pretty friggin sweet!

    Kitsap - I am waiting for the winter squash to be harvested until I make next years goals. And I still have my maters in the ground. They should be producing for a few more weeks. They really are looking like hell though.

    Allison - The weighing thing is new to me this year, and sometimes is hard to do. I know I picked at least a couple baskets of stuff for dinner a time or two without weighing them. But like anything else, it just needs to become routine, and then it will stick with you forever!