Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread...

AND BUTTER!!! Last night I made butter! I had some heavy cream leftover from a baking excursion awhile ago and wanted to use it before it spoiled. What better thing to make from cream than butter?! It was easy, and fast, and I really want to keep doing it. Just whip the hell out of it until it separates into butter fat curds and buttermilk, then squeeze out all the buttermilk, and voila! Butter!

Whipped Cream

REALLY whipped cream

Butter curds

Butter and Buttermilk!
Now, what better to go with butter but homemade bread? So I had to make some of that too...
1 C warm water
1 T honey (or sugar)
2 packages yeast
1 T salt
1 pound (just a hair over 2 cups) of flour
You know the drill... mix the water, yeast, and honey in your mixing bowl and let it do its thing. Then add the flour, and knead forEVER. I do that in my stand mixer because its WAY easier than by hand... Then, let it rise for awhile, double in size, then punch down, form into whatever shape you like, then let rise again. Then bake at 400 until crispy on the outside and sounds hollow when you tap on the bottom. YUM!
mmmmm bread

and butter!

What better for dinner than fresh bread and garden tomato soup?
 **Note... After I ate this soup (a batch that was canned instead of frozen) I decided the citric acid used for the canning process was a bit too much for my soup taste buds... These cans (bad use of lids) will be cooked down with either sausage or ground beef and then frozen for pasta sauce. 


  1. Oh MY GOODNESS...... your Grampa is sooooo smiling down on you from heaven..... a little city girl with a country heart.....

    love you pea pod~~ and uh... when am I moving in again????


  2. Mmmmmm.....crunchy bread and homemade butter!

    Man, I really got to get a cow (or a cream separator!).

    Wait a second, I'm about 30#'s overweight as it is.....maybe making butter isn't that good of an idea......at least licking the screen isn't calorie-laden.

  3. Mama, I wish I would have known him... He could tell m what to feed Blanche to fix her egg issues!

    Carolyn, I just had to laugh out loud when I read that because I could totally picture even myself licking the screen! Hahahaha!!!!

  4. Isn't homemade butter just the best! I make it in my mixer too, so easy. I don't use the citric acid or lemon juice that a lot of canning recipes call for. Like you, I do not care for the taste.

  5. Lorie - Do you have a pressure canner? I have read and heard that you don't need to use the citric acid or lemon juice if you use a pressure canner... I am adding that to my christmas wish list!

  6. I make my own butter as well - my husband loves it! I let it sit in a mason jar on the counter until it warms up, then shake shake shake until it separates. Nothing like the taste of homemade! Looking forward to making bread again, now that it isn't a billion degrees outside anymore :-)

  7. There is nothing more yummy than homemade butter. Maybe the homemade bread. Or the pancakes. Yummy!

    Good job! I do mine in the mixer too. :) Does that make me lazy?