Fleas Fleas Fleas, As far as the eyes can SEES

Ok, please tell me I am not the only one... My cats have fleas. I am launching chemical warfare. Flea drops, flea powder, flea stuff for the carpet, flea stuff for the bedding. I am friggin over this crap! I have treated the cats and the house several times since the summer began, and here I am, doing it AGAIN today. Vacuuming, dusting, washing every piece of cloth we own... Is it just me? Or is everyone having a problem this year? My cats don't even go outside. Well, Punkin does when she escapes, which happened a few time in the last week, and so did Oliver. I have hand picked 3 fleas from Punk and 2 from Oliver. Charlotte is hopeless since she is a total flake and I can't catch her. And she is black, so there is no way to see those little buggers... Damn fleas!


  1. I know I shouldn't say this, but I've only had one small problem with fleas, and that was years ago with two indoor cats and two indoor / outdoor dogs. I have NO idea why we haven't had more outbreaks of those buggers.

    Sorry I don't have any first-hand advice, but I hope you can get those buggers. Maybe make it colder in the house than it is outside & they'll migrate to warmer quarters??? Have you tried dusting the cats with DE? (that shold be fun)

  2. ME TOO! I've not had ANY flea problems in 3 years. (I have the flea medication but only use it when I need it.)

    We had about 2 weeks of cloudy, hot, rainy weather so everyone's grass got pretty high. We noticed last weekend the dogs itching more than usual and spotted fleas on 2 of them. (CRAP CRAP CRAP! I HATE fleas.) I can only assume that the flea invasion came from the yard but my dogs don't play with others and (like you) are house dogs for the most part.

    I feel your pain, Tiny!

  3. FLEAS!!!!!!!!

    I just cannot even talk about FLEAS!! as you know, all summer long, we have been doing battle... then I used a NEW flea medicine and started to loose the battle...

    with bathing in flea shampoo every week, treating the dogs with front line every month, and on the off weeks with hartz, trips to the vet, dip for Chelsea...youy

    even the vet has told me.... everyong is doing battle this year... ugggg TSC has some great spary for the house.. kills em dead, right now!

    hugs... and keep sprayin!

  4. Just vacuum all the time.Frequent vacuuming will help reduce but not eliminate fleas in a house.Also, vacuum bags should be immediately and carefully disposed of.

  5. From what I read before, treatment of the whole house is essential because cocoons are very resistant to treatment and therefore repeated treatments may be needed to completely eliminate all fleas from a home.

  6. Here are my suggestions:
    1) Vacuum
    2) Spray with insecticides
    3) Treat your pet