Chicken Stalker

I suspect this is the swarthy little she-devil responsible for the slaughter of Fireman Sam's chicken...
Kind of looks like a little fox...


  1. Was it a big chicken that got eaten? Do you really think a cat like that could do one in??

    (I may be giving the kitty a BIG benefit of the doubt as I am a self-proclaimed crazy cat person though)

  2. You know, I really have no idea. As a fellow crazy cat lady (or at least I would be if my husband didn't keep me in check) I want to give her the benefit of the doubt as well. However, I have had to chase her off a few times... The cats around our neighborhood have to eat something... When she was around the chicken run, my girls were pretty afraid of her...

  3. We have three cats and two dogs, as well as four chickens...really irks me when people are not responsible pet owners - or worse, leave the animals to fend for themselves and become someone else's problems...unfortunately, going to see more and more as the economy worsens and people can't afford to keep their pets...sad. She is beautiful.

  4. BrokenRoadFarm- unfortunately this poor kitty doesn't have any owners. Our neighborhood has many many stray cats. We all pitch in and take care of them, especially this one man a few houses down. He sets food out and has a doghouse (cathouse?) On his porch for them. Trust me, these kitties are well taken care of. Which is why they don't need to be killing chickens!

  5. Honestly...I doubt it was the cat. We, too, are overrun with feral cats. And nobody to feed them. So, they are motivated, sure. But....

    From far away, the chicken looks like a great deal. Slow moving, easily distracted, juicy.

    As the cat creeps closer, they stop and re-evaluate. After all, the chicken now looks like a WEEK of meals, and they are close enough to see the beak and the very pointy toes.

    Finally, the cat gives up, but can't just walk away. They make a half-hearted run at the birds, with lots of squawking and flapping from the surprised fowl, and the cat is muttering to themselves, "Probably tough, and tastes like dog food. Beneath me, totally beneath me."

  6. and look at that little slougth eyeing up my grandchickens... hmmm... little rat... or uh, maybe that pesky ground hog??? hmmmm...

  7. If not the cats, what would have gotten Sam's, I wonder? What else have you seen lurking?

    Might need a trail cam out there...sometimes they are fun even!