Chicken Problem Day 2

I went outside to let the girls out for the day, and Blanche is quite sprightly! I checked over the coop to see if she had passed anything, and there was this very globby looking pile of yellowish looking stuff with poo, so I am going to assume that was her egg innards from yesterday. Even though she is more herself and chicken-like this morning, I am going to keep monitoring her for signs of infection. Thanks for the kind words everyone!

As a side note, we have decided to NEVER name the chickens again. When we are ready to replace The Golden Girls, they will still be important chickens, but we will try to keep them as far from "pets" in our minds. This sick chicken stuff is for the birds! (yeah, pun intended)


  1. I'm glad Blanche is looking better today! I've never had to deal with that before, so I would have been posting just like you yesterday (which I didn't read until today!)I hope she continues to improve and everything is a.o.k!

  2. oh so glad Blanche is apparently feeling better.... just a note... no sick chicken stuff while I am chicken sitting... I have no clue how to care for a sick chicken


  3. Thanks MamaTea! I hope she turns out OK. She has been a problem chicken right from the get go, but I love her anyways! She is a little lethargic this afternoon, so hopefully with some more rest, she will be fine.

    Momma, I don't really know what to do with a sick chicken either, but I am doing my best!