Fleas Fleas Fleas, As far as the eyes can SEES

Ok, please tell me I am not the only one... My cats have fleas. I am launching chemical warfare. Flea drops, flea powder, flea stuff for the carpet, flea stuff for the bedding. I am friggin over this crap! I have treated the cats and the house several times since the summer began, and here I am, doing it AGAIN today. Vacuuming, dusting, washing every piece of cloth we own... Is it just me? Or is everyone having a problem this year? My cats don't even go outside. Well, Punkin does when she escapes, which happened a few time in the last week, and so did Oliver. I have hand picked 3 fleas from Punk and 2 from Oliver. Charlotte is hopeless since she is a total flake and I can't catch her. And she is black, so there is no way to see those little buggers... Damn fleas!


Trip to the Farm

Hubby's family owns a plot of land (about 19 acres) in north central Ohio, and someday it will be ours. When that will happen, we really don't know. We are hoping between 10 and 15 years. Anyways, we made a day trip down to see it to celebrate our belated anniversary, and talked about future plans. There currently isn't anything on the property except a bank barn the Hubby's Great-Granddad built like, 80 years ago. It is still in really really good shape, so it isn't gonna go anywhere. We talked about building a 2 story barn with an apartment on the second floor to start out, then building a house down the road, and what kind of things we would grow, and animals we would have. It was a really awesome day. Here are a few pics!
Main Street

Main Street

View of our farm from the road

View from the back tree line

In the woods

The barn


We also went over to the ridge outside of town. Nice view, eh?

More ridge

My first time using the self timer! Not so bad!

Covered bridge

View of the Mohican River from the bridge

The other side of the river


Yep, It Is Definitely Fall

We are only 3 days into the official season of Autumn, and the animals are already feeling it. The Golden Girls have been on their perch since about 6 pm, and I must say, the egg production is already waning. Only one egg every couple of days for about the last week or so, and only from Dorothy (barred rock) and none from Rose and Blanche (Rhode Island Red) except for Blanches egg problems... I dont ever count on eggs from her...

The cats are feeling it too. Punkin has been sleeping on the bed blankets ALL DAY. And when I say all day, I am really not kidding. She slept there all night, all morning, all afternoon, and has been sitting there for the last couple of hours. I think she may have only gotten up to feed and relieve herself. She is definitely taking in the rainy and chilly days. Oliver of course has taken up shop on the throw blankets in the basket downstairs, and Charlotte has reclaimed her cold weather spot in the papasan chair (or wherever Punkin is...)

The garden is definitely done, and I just have to get out there to pull everything out. But this rain... Oh this rain... October will be my month. I have vacation days, and that means a whole week off work that doesn't coincide with any exams. Thank goodness! So what that REALLY means is one whole day I can dedicate to cleaning up the garden, amending at least one bed for garlic, and getting it in the ground. It is being delivered next week!!!

I think the beef should be ready sometime early next week, so I will have to plan a day trip down to the country to take care of that also...


Chicken Problem Day 2

I went outside to let the girls out for the day, and Blanche is quite sprightly! I checked over the coop to see if she had passed anything, and there was this very globby looking pile of yellowish looking stuff with poo, so I am going to assume that was her egg innards from yesterday. Even though she is more herself and chicken-like this morning, I am going to keep monitoring her for signs of infection. Thanks for the kind words everyone!

As a side note, we have decided to NEVER name the chickens again. When we are ready to replace The Golden Girls, they will still be important chickens, but we will try to keep them as far from "pets" in our minds. This sick chicken stuff is for the birds! (yeah, pun intended)


A Chicken Problem

This is serious... Blanche passed a broken shell today, which I had to pull out of her behind. It was broken, but looked like a really good apple peeler would peel an apple, one long skin of rind... Only it was shell obviously. I am worried that she was egg bound, and now the egg innards are inside there. I looked all around where she had been laying, and didn't find any evidence of egg. I placed her in warm water, trying to coax the stuff out. Didn't work. Nothing came out. Now she is just laying around, taking a step here and there. She isnt eating, isnt drinking. When she lays down, I swear I can see her little tail feather pulsating like she wants to push something out. And she is also laying on her side mostly, and extending her wing feathers... If she is gonna die, she better do it quick. I am not sure I am ready to do it myself....


Beef, Part 1

Today, I got the magical call from my sister that our little calf (I mean, I am sure he wasn't little) had been taken to the butcher! Yay! So I had to make my first order ever for our very own half calf. I am SUPER excited! I have never done this before, so I ordered a little of everything.... Roasts, ground meat, burger patties, stew meat, short ribs, soup bones, and steaks. Oh the steaks. I cannot wait for the steaks! We have been in a red meat deficit for quite some time, like seriously 7 or 8 months, since I refuse to purchase beef from anyone but my sister and her Hubby - Row Family Farmer Man. We are realy craving it, and knowing that it will be here in like, 2 weeks is just really salivating. I just can't wait!!!
Yum Yum!



Ok, everyone who knows us, meaning Hubby and I, knows that he is almost deathly afraid of critter that appear where they shouldn't be, and I have to deal with it. He has been known to drag me to a vacant house (he is a realtor by the way) to get rid of a dead bird/chipmunk/etc just so he wouldn't have to do it.

Anyways, once, a long while ago, I found a dead baby snake in the basement. I didn't think anything of it. However, the last 2 times I have been out of town at work, he has found a dead snake in the office, located right at the top of the basement stairs... I suspect the cats are dragging these things up from the basement after they have already died.

Now, I have to figure out where the heck they are coming from, and try and plug it up. I suppose that it is good they never make it past baby-hood meaning that they have no food source... Right? Ugh, I hate snakes....


Merry Ole London

This weekend took me at surprise when scheduling called and assigned me an international trip! So, before I knew it, I was on my way to the UK. Excited to go somewhere I have never been, yet sad because I was to miss Hubby and I's second wedding anniversary AND his high school reunion - including a missed weekend with some of my favorite friends, Jeff and Lisa. However, my crew was great, I had some really awesome food, and now, I need a nap. 10 hours of sleep in 3 days does not a happy gardener make! Anywho, here are some (ok, a lot of) photos. Beware, there are kind of a lot of Big Ben photos, mainly because the light was simply awesome looking.
A very British car

Britsh buildings

Double decker bus! I didn't ride one though

My tube station

Big Ben

Some drunk guy

The big eye, and some building that was huge and awesome


The big awesome building again

buildings overlooking the river Thames

Big Ben and Parliament

Just a cool shot of a wide corridor

Ha, this dude was awesome

More Parliament

Just a cool shot of a light

Backside of Parliament

Outside of Westminster Abbey - The chapel

Westminster Abbey - Front



Buckingham Palace

Beautiful flowers outside Buckingham

The Famous Terrace on Buckingham

One of Many gates surrounding Buckingham

This was one of the gaurds... I was really hoping to see the ones with the big fuzzy hats, but none were there :(

Me and Flight Attendant Mary


Chicken Stalker

I suspect this is the swarthy little she-devil responsible for the slaughter of Fireman Sam's chicken...
Kind of looks like a little fox...