A Weeks Worth of Catching Up

Wowza, have I been a lazy blogger. Honestly, I have had so much to do, I really haven't had time. Last week, I was gone for 4 days, and got home Saturday afternoon. Since then, I have scraped, sanded, and painted our porch, stairs, and porch columns. I ripped out all of the pumpkins (sigh) and the 2 corn stalks we had (and the one ear each one had which will be eaten later) and turned over the dirt and planted my fall greens - 2 rows of kale, 4 rows of pac choi (2 varieties), 4 rows of spinach (2 varieties), and 3 rows of radishes (2 varieties).

I mowed (weed whacked) the yard, and subsequently, my patience got the best of me (surprise surprise!) and I went at the neighbors yard. I just couldn't take it anymore! That grass was 2 1/2 feet tall! NO JOKE!!! It took me about an hour to do just their small side yard along their driveway and garage (the part I have to look at) and you better believe I left all that grass in their driveway. Even though I could really use it to mulch my fall greens bed, I just can't deny myself the pleasure of leaving their mess all over their driveway. I am such a bad neighbor... Hubby convinced me that going over to their front door and raising Cain wouldn't be the best idea, and that he would talk to their property manager. I am so sick of living with people who do not take care of their yards. The people behind us (the new ones moved in) don't take care of their yard and these losers without jobs and 2 dogs that they NEVER walk live on the other side. I don't know what they do all day locked up in their house (with sheets and blankets in the windows - SO classy) but they sure aint takin care of their yard. I am convinced they are drug dealers.

What else... I built my compost screen (super easy) and cleaned up the yard and driveway. I am trying to get everything in tip top shape because this weekend, this Tiny Gardener is hosting a baby shower! My SIL is having a little boy in October, and I am so excited. I love having a party! Momma gardener is coming in town to be my Kitchen Bitch and Dishwasher, and I have to get everything else done. I still have to sand and paint 3 bedroom doors, and get the entire house cleaned. Dear God, please help me! I will be one tired lady! Still have to go to the big box store and get potting soil. I need to plant my rosemary which has been in its tiny nursery container since May. I am shocked it hasn't died yet... 

Last weeks harvest (I know, I know... I missed Harvest Monday) was pretty good. We got several pounds more of eggplants, and a whole load of cherry and plum tomatoes. No big boys yet, but they are working on it. I will have to roast and dry these maters in the oven. There are too many for us to eat right now, but not enough to can. Drying them in the oven is SO easy... just slice em in half, pop em in the oven at 200 and let em go for about 8 hours and store in the freezer. Some salt and dried oregano is heavenly on them. They are great for homemade pizza and winter salads. Yum!

I PROMISE I will take some pictures of my work around the homestead and post them later. The battery for the camera is charging as I speak! Er type...


  1. Can't wait to see the house this weekend with all of your recent projects. This SIL is super excited for the shower, too! I finally have a day off today and began my own DIY project - I got a dresser from an estate sale down the street and have begun the process of repainting it for the nursery. This WILL go better than the kitchen cabinet redo!

  2. Well gosh, I can't imagine WHY you haven't been blogging! ;) Holy Moly, girl! You have been busy!!

  3. Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, it's real hard to keep up! But you've been crazy busy, not lazy!

    Why don't you send the chickens into graze? hehehee Dorothy will go first!

  4. Wow, you've been super busy! I couldn't imagine completing 1/10th of your work with my kids. Will be glad when school starts :)

  5. Diss - The shower is going to be awesome. And the food? OMG I can't wait for the food!

    MamaTea - I know, I know... The list just keeps growing and growing and growing too...

    APG - I thought about that... But the stupid neighbors grass was so tall that it made me scared of what might be living in there. Even though she drives me crazy, I have to protect my little Dorothy!

    RG - My sister keeps posting on facebook about how excited she is about her kids starting school. Its like, 5 days left, 4 days left, etc... Ha! Makes me crack up when parents are like that. I know for sure mine were!