Just Sick of It!

Everyone out there HAS to have something in their lives that they have no control over, and they are SICK OF IT! Well, here is mine... I HATE my job. Ok, let me specify. I hate my schedule, I hate the minions in scheduling, and I hate the hours they make me work. In case, you don't know, I am a flight attendant. They airline owns me. I am their bitch. Correction, I am scheduling's bitch. Oh, and I lied in my interview. I really don't like people, and I really don't like to travel! (I know what you are thinking... Uh, you need a new job... Trust me, I am working on it) Let me preface this next paragraph by telling you that when I go to work, I am gone typically for 4 days at a time - not home at the end of the day like most normal people...

But here is what I am sick of. I am sick of missing birthdays, holidays, weekend get togethers, spontaneous dinners with friends, and I miss sleeping in my own damn bed. For instance, my birthday was last week (yay me!) and so now, everyone is trying to figure out a day to get together to celebrate. Everyone has asked, when are you off? I say, mondays and wednesdays, but Labor day monday doesnt count because, uh, that's a holiday, and guess what, I will be working. For some reason, people feel obligated to include me in making plans. Which, normally, I would feel honored, but in most cases in my life, please just plan it, and if I am there, great. If not, too friggin bad. Now, half of Hubby's family is having a get together on Friday to celebrate the August and Sept bithdays (start of the weekend, so guess what? I am working) and the other half (he is a child of divorce like me) is trying to plan around my schedule, only they all have regular jobs, so count me out on the weekend and holiday bbq thing...

Must I go on??? I am just friggin sick of it! I am SICK OF IT!!!! Now, I know this all will end, because come May I am quitting come hell or high water. I already am at the end my frayed rope, but must hang on to try and make some money before I quit to finish school (in an intense and rapid way.) So what are you sick of??? (and please don't say listening to me complain about my job) Thanks for listening!!!!


  1. I am sick of my job too! Now that I have a little one, leaving him for the majority of our waking hours every day SERIOUSLY SUCKS!!

  2. Sorry chickie, that you are having such a bum time :(

    I hope May comes really fast for you!

  3. Grit your teeth and stash that cash. Life's too short to spend it doing something you hate. Hope May comes quickly!