Harvest Monday

Yesterday I hosted My SIL's baby shower! It was great, and the got a whole heap of good loot for the baby. I made the cake, and it was AWESOME. and HUGE! All of my projects that I needed to do before school starts are completed, and now all I have to do is nag Hubby to complete his.

Harvest has been awesome, though I wish we were getting more tomatoes. After You see these pictures, you may wonder, WTF? I have a bunch of them, but not enough roma style to can. I did dry some cherry types last week, and was amazed (as usual) about how much they shrink down. So here go the pics.

My cake mess...
We had to take out a shelf to put the thing together

I think it weighed about 25 or 30 pounds... At least

And the week wouldn't be complete with out a Punkin Picture
And here it is in numbers:
11 lb 3 oz San Marzano Tomatoes
1 lb 9 oz Golden Sunrays
10 oz Ananas Tomato
9 lb 3 oz Cherry type tomatoes
12 oz various peppers
3 lb 15 oz various eggplants

Total for the Year: 64 lb 11 oz

Thanks to Daphne for hosting Harvest Monday!

And if you haven't entered my Birthday Giveaway, make sure you do so soon! My birthday is in 2 days, and that is when I will be pulling a name out of a hat!


  1. What a beautiful harvest and an amazing cake!!! Wow!!! I wish you would have weighed it...I bet it was a doozy to carry!

  2. WOW that cake looks AWESOME!!!

    We are in the same boat with our 'maters :( But the ones you do have look nice!!

  3. Nice harvest, beautiful cake and cute pumpkin!!

  4. Nice harvest pictures. That cake isn't too shabby either!!

  5. Nice harvest... Can I have a slice? ;-D

    And, of course Happy Birthday!

  6. Tiny that cake is AMAZING! You are so brave to undertake that! But I wanna know what's in it???

    Always get a huge kick out of any messy photos/projects. It just makes everyone seem so real! Gotta love it!

    Tomato wishes for you!

  7. Thanks Everyone!

    APG, the flavors were (bottom to top) devils food with brown sugar buttercream, lemon with raspberry buttercream, and then vanilla with vanilla buttercream. It was all delish! I did wish that the devils had been more, devilish... Next time I will add some more chocolate to it!

  8. Amazing harvest, amazing cake and.....super cute cat!!

  9. Great harvest! And boy you are getting tons of tomatoes! They really do shrink up though... Amazing.

  10. Wow, you look very busy. I'm with Apple Pie Gal, I love to see the cluttered counters from all that work. I feel a little more normal about all the stuff that covers our counters this time of year.

  11. Happy belated birthday. One year I made sauce out of cherry tomatoes (half of my tomatoes were cherries that year). It takes a lot of cherry tomatoes and a lot of time to boil them down but it makes a very interesting sauce. It is a lot sweeter than normal sauce so you can't use it as spaghetti sauce, but it made great sauce for creole dishes.

  12. I genuinely laughed out loud at the shrinking of the tomatoes...I have no idea why that is so amusing to me.

    I have such a simple mind.

    Looks like another great week for you!

  13. Oh wow, I wish I had as many tomatoes as you do! I love your food scale, I've been looking for one like that. Where did you get it from?

  14. Meems, I think I actually got the kitchen scale at target... I don't do so well with electric and digitalized things... I tend to just spill on them!