Harvest Monday

I thought I had been taking pictures of everything, but I was SO wrong... Its just numbers this Harvest Monday. Thanks Daphne for hosting Harvest Monday!

Before you look at my numbers, I have a question... I am ordering garlic today, and I have no idea how much to get. I have several numbers as to about how many bulbs I will get with various amounts of bulbs in my order... How much do I need for my family of 2? How many do you plant every year to have enough for storage AND next years planting? I really have no idea how many bulbs I go through in a year (which would probably be a good place to start....)

This week:
1 measly ounce of barely edible tomato (It's August for pete's sake! Can I get a tomato???)
2 lb 7 oz eggplants
1 lb 2 oz hung hot peppers
11 oz cubanelle peppers
2 lb 15 oz zucchinis
1 lb 13 oz Basil

Total for the year: 32 lb 1 oz


  1. Proud of you! I would post for Harvest Monday, but our harvest thus far this year has been a Big. Fat. Nothing. :(

  2. Oh Mama Tea, you and Apple Pie Gal are having a rough year... Makes me sad for you... If we lived closer, I would share with you guys!

  3. Thanks Tiny G. I know you would share. I just keep hoping that this rough year of gardening for us means next year will be explosively wonderful!

  4. See now that's the spirit! Willingness to share and hope for the next year!

    Have I told you both I love you guys!? You always make the day better.

    Now the garlic, I am no expert and always end up with eyes bigger than my stomach. Last fall I ordered and planted several varieties to find which one grew best for me. So that is a thought for you also. I think if you look it will give you a general idea as to how many pounds of garlic will plant, say a 10' row.

    That said, you could always share the excess with your chicken chasing neighbors for good deeds. And you can dry it too!

    Now you know why I have issues with eyes/stomach.

    Where's Granny????? She'd set us all a'right.

  5. Oh and what the heck is a cubanelles?

  6. Please post pictures... I can't imagine a 2 lb eggplant:)

    I would plant atleast 30 garlic cloves, this year it was 12!! If not for the garlic, then for its scapes! Very tasty!

  7. APG, a cubanelle is a type of pepper... It looks hot, but it is sweet. Next time I pull one off the plant, I will be sure to take a picture.

    RG, I still can't believe I didn't take ANY harvest pictures during the week. My eggplants totaled 2 pounds, i think I actually got about 7 individual fruits from that one... I am sure if I left them on the plant long enough, they would grow quite hefty. Especially the classic dark purple ones.

    Garlic - I was actually thinking of planting around 150... Is that too excessive?

  8. I don't use MUCH garlic--I planted 48 cloves for my husband and myself and that will give us enough to plant for the following year too. I use just a few cloves a week. Just multiply what you normally buy into a year and add on an amount to that to cover what you have to plant.

  9. Wow, that is a ton of basil. Jeeeeeeeez! You should start a basil farm over there :)

  10. I usually plant about 50-60 for our family of two. It works about right for planting and eating and giving a few bulbs away. I want to switch over to all German Extra Hardy though and that ones produces only four cloves usually. So a quarter of my harvest every year will have to be put back to plant. But I love it enough to do that.

  11. We're with you. It's August for Pete's sake. Where's the tomatoes?

  12. I think you really need to figure how many garlic bulbs you use a week. The variety is also important when figuring next year's seed needs because some types of garlic have many more cloves than other varieties.

    One year, we planted around 115 cloves and it ended up being too many, even when using some of the bulbs for the next year's seed garlic. I agree with Daphne that, unless you are a really heavy garlic user, between 50 and 60 cloves would be enough for 2 people. To be safe, figure that each bulb will have 6 or 7 plantable cloves, so you'd need about 10 seed garlic bulbs.

    If you want garlic scapes, you need to plant harheck varieities because softnect varieities do not send up scapes.