Tiny Gardener... AKA Chicken Chaser

So, my "light bulb switched on" idea this morning was to surround my yard in chicken wire so that my 3 little hens could roam free and eat the grubs and grass, and I would NEVER HAVE TO MOW AGAIN! Yeah, that sounds all good and dandy... In THEORY... Note, don't start a project like this unless you have enough chicken wire to corral your chickens! I only had enough left over to cover about half of my fence, which leaves the other half for them to escape out of! My thought, "oh if I just stand there and shoo them through the paths of the beds, the will never get out!" Ok, chickens are smarter than they look... Dorothy, my miniature B*^#& on little legs is the biggest explorer and escape artist, next to the Plant Eating She Devil Punkin...

Ok, set the scene. My back yard, 1 hour ago. I am happily zip-tie-ing chicken wire to my existing fence posts. Chickens are happily grazing the grass. I run out of chicken wire. They see that I am no longer standing where the exit is! Victory! The Tiny Gardener has turned her eye! Lets make a run for it! I here lots of little squawking or whatever the hell sounds they make, and what do I see??? Three little chickens running around the neighbor's driveway! OH CRAP!!! So what do I do? Run after them... From the WRONG direction! SQUAWK SQUAWK SQUAWK!

Uh, note in case you don't have chickens - they run AWAY from you, not towards you...

So then I have to go around, change direction, and then get them back into MY yard... SUCCESS! Then they figure out that they can run through the tomatoes, and back out the fence! Damn smart little chickens. This continued for about, oh, 30 minutes... I was able to shoo Dorothy, the ring leader, into the run, grab Rose, toss her in, and then chase down Blanche, and toss her in as well...

Moral of this story??? Don't start a project unless you have enough materials to finish it! Also, Don't let your chickens out until your fence is done... Ok, this Chicken Chaser needs a shower...


  1. What, no pictures? That would have been a sight to see!

  2. Jody, I know! Unfortunately Hubby has the camera in his car, and I was alone in my adventure, so no one was around to take pictures anyhow :( I promise to take pictures of my fence soon!

  3. OMG..... haha... I would have love to seen that! omg I am having a much needed laugh~

    hugs pea pod

  4. Oh! You poor little thing! Atleast you learned a nice (chicken) lesson :)

  5. HA! They are slippery little buggers. And you know (right?) that all the neighbors were laughing their butts off at the crazy lady chasing chickens!?

    They make a good weight loss program :o)

  6. We had a similar situation with the Indian Runner ducks we had when I was a kid - the very first day we had them, they got away... spent about a week hunting for them all over the neighbourhood!

  7. Oh my! I had to laugh, but I'm sure it was frustrating chasing the chickens.