Promised Pictures

I promised Random Gardener and MamaTea that I would post some pictures of BER and my weird feather problem... I apologize for some sideways pictures... I still cant figure out how to get Blogger to accept edited pictures...
Blanche and her bald spots

You cant see her dandruff, and she doesn't appear to bad here, but it's because she's half wet and half dry... These dummies don't know to go in out of the rain

Blossom end rot

more blossom end rot

One of the 2 tomatoes on my Mr Stripey plant... Damn chickens... Tomatoes are unfortunately their favorite food. They will never be planted in the back yard again... Damn Chickens


  1. From what I can tell, your chicken looks much like mine and I was just told that was molting! But I will post pictures too so we can get lots of opinions!

    We learned last year the tomatoes can't be anywhere near the chickens or they very quickly disappear. The tomatoes that is, not the chickens. Although my husband was ready to make the chickens disappear when he saw his tomatoes all picked apart.

  2. Oh yes...MamaTea had a very bad year with her maters last year! It's what prompted me to put electric fence around my garden!!

    Not laughable but to the point ya had to cuz what else can ya do? One of those times :o( or is it :o) ? Sorry MamaTea but at least you inspired me ;)

  3. Thanks for the pics! Does BER affect the plant itself or just the fruit? None of my tomatoes display this symptom(thank god!), but beans and other tomato plants have yellow spotting on them, so was wondering if they're some kind of disease.

  4. MamaTea, I cant wait to see your pics to compare. I have no idea what the heck it is. It is only one of my chickens, and they are all the same age, so I really have no clue whats going on there. And yeah, next year the tomatoes will be going along side of my house and NOT in chicken territory.

    APG, You always make me laugh, and I am tempted to electrify my chickens, er I mean fence...

    RG, I really don't know too much about BER honestly... I just know that is what is happening. Annie's Granny told me that generally if your experience ber, the eaerly fruits are affected was more than the later fruit. So maybe my whole crop wont be in danger. Post some pics of your beans and stuff so we can all investigate...

  5. I just posted pics on my blog and directed people over to your blog to add their "opinions" on what was wrong with our gals. :)

  6. Just left this link to a thread for you both at MamaTea also:


  7. I'm just starting to learn more about raising chickens. Is there a remedy for her condition or you just have to ride it out?

    Sorry to hear about your tomatoes. I throw a few calcium tablets in the hole when I'm planting my tomatoes just try to prevent BER. If I had your hens, I'd throw in some eggshells!