My Staple Gun, My Friend

I am in love with Stan... Stan happens to be my staple gun. Stan lets me do all sorts of things I would never otherwise tackle, such as building a chicken coop with a beautiful picture window, or refinishing my headboard. Yes, that was today's project. Where I come up with these brilliant ideas is truly beyond me. So I went to my favorite store in search of just a few things for the house, and ended up with party supplies (complete with favors) for my SIL's baby shower, and 2 packages of sheets. NOT full sets, just individual sheets. One twin sheet to recover my "upholstered" headboard and one to create a bed skirt out of.

First, the headboard. Thank you Martha for creating the measurements needed for this project. Since having already done this once, most of the hard work was done (the sawing drilling, etc..) and all I had to do was rip off my old fabric (done so because I used a simple white sheet and didn't want to pattern to show through) and replace it with new! Simple as that! The first time I did this, it was even better since I already had an old crappy door, wood, and some fabric. This new recovering cost me 10 bucks. Thats right, 10. Just keep that number in mind for later. Also, had to cut the legs down on my head board. It sits in front of a window, so we wanted it as low as possible without looking stupid.

Now, the bed skirt. This one is where you will get your laughs. I HATE my old bed skirt because it is old and stretched out, and doesn't fit. Now I have a NEW bed skirt that doesn't fit. Oh yes, you heard me. It doesn't FIT!!! **Angry Face** I also got this brilliant idea from MARTHA. Don't think I am mad at her... I love her... ANywho, I bought a king bedskirt for my queen bed because I wanted a really drapey affect that would blow in the breeze. Sounds good, right?? NO. I purchased the size I intended on, but I bought a fitted sheet. SHEE-IT!!!! So what a Tiny Gardener do who has no patience?? Cut out the elastic of course! I thought, oh brilliant! I will have a fitted bed skirt for $15!!! Oh yeah... Uh, this is a king sheet. SHEE-IT!!! So, with some swearing and yelling whilst ironing, I thought, safety pins. I can do this. So with some clever folds and some safety pins I now have a tailored bed skirt!

So what is the point of all of this??? I love Stan the staple gun. We were going to purchase new furniture for our bedroom to the tune of about $350. With Stans help, I created a new bedroom for $25. That is a savings of $325. Yes, that's right, 325 smackaroos! I love you Stan!!!

Stanley, aka Stan

Our Lovely New Bed!


  1. I have Stan's twin! I love him, because it doesn't take a 300 pound wrestler to pull his "trigger" ;-) I ran out of staples when I was putting up netting for the rabbit run, so had to use an old staple gun. I could NOT do it, my hands weren't strong enough. I had to call my son over to do it for me.

    Your headboard looks lovely...good job!

  2. Nicely done!

    I use my staple gun in the garden for lots of stuff. Handy Handy!

  3. Does your husband know there is a new man in your life? ;)

    Good job and it looks great!