Hot Pepper Pickles

Ok. My first time making anything "pickled" occurred today. It went well... I think... All of this work for 5 pint jars of pickled peppers... Worth it? HELL YEAH!!!
My Lovely Jars

So Pretty!
Is there a way to do this without creating so many dishes to do?!
 Now, let me preface this next picture by saying, WHAT THE H%^&????? I was looking at my jars, swirling them around to get all the spices mixed up in there, and then I saw this.... This being the garlic. It is TURQUOISE....


  1. hahah.. uh.. hahah.. omg.. i am just cracking up... hahaha

    i dont know what to say...except for you uh need a kitchen bitch~~ love you pea pod.. they look awesome

  2. The discoloration is due to pigments that form between sulfur compounds in garlic and amino acids. When the garlic tissue is disrupted, as happens in processing, an enzyme is liberated and reacts with it to form thiosulfinates compounds that then react with the natural amino acids in the garlic to form blue pigments. The age of garlic determines how much isoalliin there is in the first place, and the nature of the processing determines how much enzyme is liberated. Don't worry, greenish-blue color changes aren't harmful and your garlic is still safe to eat. (unless you see other signs of spoilage).


  3. Momma, Yes, yes I do... Are you here yet???

    Granny, What would I do without you?!?!

  4. Lovely peppers dear!! I suppose it could have been an earring or something but I, ah, er...would go with Granny on this one!

    Thanks for sharing the destruction photo too! Glad to know you do the same!!

  5. Your sink piled high with dishes makes me feel SO much better! I was thinking today as I made up 4 jars of tomato sauce that no matter what I can, it'll take a 3 hour time slot and it'll use every pot and utensil in the house.