Harvest Monday

The first eggplant is here! Orient Charm, 4 oz, 6 inches long. We will be eating this little baby tonight! Delish! More peppers and zucchini of course. No tomatoes yet, although I did see a few of them starting to turn! I can't wait!

This has nothing to do with harvest monday (Thanks Daphne for hosting this awesome day!) but if you have been following for awhile, you know about my potential peach allergy. Last night, I ate a peach. Not my jam, but a real peach. And I am starting to get little hives on my legs this time. First it was my face, then it was my arms, and now my legs. Maybe I should just keep eating them, and the allergy will get rid of itself right through my toes!
Anyone got any good pepper recipes???

The first of many I am sure....

A VERY hairy caterpillar... Anyone know the variety?
Harvest Totals This Week:
eggplant - 4 oz
green peppers - 1 lb 14 oz
Hungarian hots - 9 oz
Zucchini - 4 oz

Total This Year: 23 lbs 13 oz


  1. You are brave with those peaches. Maybe it's the fuzz. Do nectarines get you too?

  2. Your peppers look HUGE! Or did you photo-shop? ;)

  3. Awesome peppers -- stuffed peppers anyone? :)

  4. Wow, nice peppers! Nice eggplant too. What variety is it? Mine are starting to come in soon....:)

  5. APG, I am a true scientist at heart... I will never stop trying to figure this stupid allergy out... Good idea on the necatrines, I will have to give it a try!

    Tami, no, I didn't photo shop. I just shot it really close to the peppers. They really aren't that big, at least compared to the crazy big ones you can find in the grocery store. But definitely still stuffable.

    Allison, I read that and went, DUH! oh course stuffed peppers!

    RG, I have no idea what variety they are. I had grown a few varieties from seed and non of them made it. These are from the plants that I randomly acquired from friends and neighbors.

  6. Nice harvest! Those peppers look huge and the eggplant is so elegant. Be careful with those peaches.

  7. Oh, I'd stuff those peppers. Beautiful!!
    And ouch on being allergic to peaches. They're a treat around here.

  8. I like to slice & freeze peppers...we use them frequently for fajitas, stir fries, etc.

  9. What wonderful peppers! I'd go the stuffed pepper route. My mom used to stuff them with spanish rice, top them with cheese and bake them until they were so bubbly and yummy! I am hopeful to harvest some peppers this year big enough to stuff :-)

  10. Drooling over that eggplant...looks great!! For peppers we always do the stuffed pepper thing...seems pretty common. :)

  11. That is one nice pile of peppers. I see stuffed peppers in your future.