The Fourth Was LEGENDARY

I took probably 300 photos of the fireworks in our neighborhood last night, but nothing does it justice like this article my friend Emily sent me.

Nobody does July Fourth Like Cleveland

This photo is courtesy of the above link...
Yes ladies and gents, that is our street, and yes, those are houses. Every year, Fireman Sam puts on a pig roast and brings in several bands. Mr. R puts on the fireworks show. The best part about the dual street competition is that the people surrounding our area think our fireworks are the city's fireworks. It really is an awesome show. Everything is funded by us homeowners and we all make sure everything is ready beforehand, and that everything is cleaned up afterwords. The hard work is totally worth it. Anyways, it was definitely a party to be remembered. The food was awesome, the bands were great, and the beer was cold.

Side note, all the kitties and chickens survived the night without any harm. A little shaken up of course, but back to normal by this morning. I hope you enjoy the photos of the street!

After the crowds started to die down, some drunk morons let their tempers get the better of them. Due to their actions, next year will be way more subdued, we will not have any live music, and the fireworks show will be scaled down. Just a small shout out to the dudes who ruined it for the entire neighborhood.


  1. errr...there is always a pack of idiots who spoil it for the rest!

    That is spectacular however!

    So did your chickens lay any eggs this morning and were they pre-scrambled then? ;)

  2. Hahaha! Actually yes they did lay eggs! unfortunately, they were not pre-scrambled, so I had to whip them up for our recovery breakfast.

  3. Oh Man...that's too bad! I hate that the idiots get to rule the world. Seriously! Take some of those "scrambled" eggs pelt them with it. Cleveland ROCKS!

  4. Oh wow! That is such an awesome display. Fireworks here in NYC is illegal so we aren't allowed to do anything quite like that. However, we have neighbors that set them off all night.