Weather.com says our actual temp is 93, but feels like 110. I took some extra precautions and double watered the garden and put up some extra shade around the chicken run. I want to let the girls out so they can chill in the shade of the tomatoes, but I really really really don't want to sit outside and make sure they don't run down the driveway. That seems to be their favorite past time. Once this heat breaks, we will get started on finishing the fence for the back yard. For now, the girls have dug themselves some nice deep holes to keep cool in, and the kitties and I are tucked away in Tiny Gardener's Family Hideaway. Hubby actually went out and bought *eek* a window unit air conditioner. It is installed in our guest room. We have survived many a summer with heat, but not like this. I can't remember a single summer growing up or in recent times that has had heat quite like this.

I am working on finding a vet within a reasonable distance that will see Blanche. It seems that most of the people around here only have dogs and cats. WTF? Don't people believe in farm animals anymore? I even tried to get a phone number for the vets at the zoo, but uh, they don't see civilians... Hopefully I will have one by the time I get home from this next trip on Monday....


  1. Our heat just "broke" about an hour ago. It's still too darn warm, but anything beats that stuff we've had.
    Stay cool-and hope you find someone to look after Blanche.
    I know I've heard the reaction-"it's just a chicken", but there has to be SOMEONE that will look after her!
    Best of luck

  2. I hope the heat breaks for you soon. This weather is insane! One of my friends here was not going to out in her air conditioner this year under any circumstances...and then mold started growing. Can you believe it! It is sooo hot and sooo humid. Wait. Of course you believe it...:) Hope you find a decent vet for your farm-ily. It takes some digging to find someone who will see farm animals!

  3. Maybe try a more rural area vet. Or an equine vet that could give you a referal??? Do you know any other chicken keepers around you? What about your feed store? Maybe they have a list?

    Sorry, just trying to think outside the box for you.