Maybe It's All In My Head

But I don't feel like anything is growing. I know, I know... A watched pot never boils. But it isnt really that things aren't growing. They are getting fat and bushy, but nothing is getting taller. The tomatoes are doing fine I suppose. I think I probably should have amended the soil with some peet and some manure or something to lighten it up. It is quite dense and hard. It will for sure be better next year after the chicken poo and other items are composted. I am now worrying that the harvest this year will suck, and we only just started! Oh, I should just get over myself and stop thinking about it so much.

In other news, the hives are going down. Thank goodness they never got itchy! Everything is blooming, AND I found ONE cherry on my tree! It is very much green, but still there! This morning was super cute. There was a neighborhood cat lounging in my squash bed. I know I complain about them all the time, but they really are just oh so cute!

Teeny Tiny pepper, my thumb as a reference

This kitty was watching.......

.....this kitty VERY intensely.
But he didn't notice. Just lounged on the cool dirt.


  1. Every year I wonder if the garden will ever 'grow up' and then suddenly it just does! This year may be the exception however. (see there it is!)

    TeeHee...your little cherry and pepper are cute!

  2. "fat and bushy, but not any taller" That very same thing happened to me in high school!

    And,I cannot wait until I can get some hives! That is my next gardener mini goal. :)

  3. APG, I know I know, I just need to stop staring at it! Those first veggies are always my favorite, its like a little surprise!

    Raechill, I flippin laughed out loud when I read that! hahahaha!!!!! And I hope you mean bee hives, and NOT the kind of hives that I had!

    Thanks RG!

  4. Yes hives of the bee variety. Itchiness is much less cool.

  5. You are SO funny...Just when I think I'm OCD, SM has started his morning "walking tour" of the garden. He even counted how many tomatoes each plant had on it! My Gpeppers are on track with yours...Fret not.