Harvest Monday

Harvest this week consists of chive seeds and peas from last week. Last week, I got 2 pounds, 5 oz of peas! The mother load harvest of the year!

I got home last night and came up with everything that I need to catch up on in the few days I have off of work. I scratched one thing off the list by putting down 9 bags of mulch in the front yard. Boy oh boy, those weeds really suck! It looks much better with the new addition, and hopefully the weeding will be easier the rest of the summer. While I was gone, Hubby got the wood painted for the chicken run, and that will be put together tonight (I HOPE!). I am so ready for the girls to come home! I need to go to the feed store today, and make sure I have everything those little hens will need. The construction project got behind when Carpenter Bill had to leave for Chicago to go help out his brother in law. Not entirely sure what was going on there, but Bill and his wife brought the brother the Cleveland.

We have a few tomatoes that have set, as well as one zucchini. I am eager to get some food from the garden besides herbs and peas. Speaking of peas, I need to get those pulled this week. It is starting to get too hot for them, and they are just getting tough and woody. Not good eats! I did my first seed saving this morning when I walked outside and saw that my chive flowers had died back, revealing hundreds of little black jewels. I could have probably gotten way more than I put into the little bag, but my patience was running thin. We also picked the two cherries off of our tree, not bad for the first year! Haven't tasted them yet, I am a little scared with them being the sour cherry variety... Here are some pics to enjoy until the next post...
Russian Black Plum

Hubby, very excited about his new drill bit

Mulched, finally a completed project!!!

2 sour cherries

Garden arial, end of June

chive seeds


  1. I just love those garden shots from above. I wish I had a way of getting one.

    The mulch sure neatens things up, doesn't it? Love the look!

  2. Everything looks nice! I'd like to get an aerial shot too!

  3. I love your plot!! it's so big, room for lots of vegguies! great looking cherries! i have two little cherries trees we planted this year , i wonder ow long it will past until i get to have lil cheeries from them

  4. I see you got a nice harvest of peas too. You have to love pea season. They are just so prolific. And I love the aerial.

  5. We still haven't been able to discipline ourselves to save seeds. Nice work. Those sour cherries sure look sweet... can't wait to read your post when the chickens finally come home.

  6. Garden overview picture is fun - thanks for sharing. I can't believe you are waiting to eat those cherries! That is self control.