Chicken Dreams and Harvest Monday

I am dreaming of chickens. I was hoping to start work on the chicken coop this week, since I spent most of yesterday cleaning out the garage and organizing and relocating items to make space. HOWEVER, scheduling always seems to have different plans in mind. I was to have Monday and Wednesday off this week, but instead got rolled for a 4 day trip, hence no photos this week. Tonight, I am in Seattle, red ye to Chicago, sleep, Houston and back to Seattle, long layover, and then the red eye home on Tuesday night. I am OK with it really since I will get 22 hours in Seattle and I plan on going to the market and seeing what is in season. Pikes Place Market always has a local farmers section in the spring, so I am pretty stoked. PLUS I don't even have to change my dentist appointment for Wednesday. YAY!

So what does all of this mean??? Wednesday, Thursday, AND Friday to work on my chicken coop!!! So the harvest last week amounted to 13 oz of snow peas. The sugar snaps are starting to come in also, and those are really my absolute fave!!!


  1. Oooh, you are getting chickens! How awesome. I dream of raising chickens, but I don't think it's meant to be where we are. We have very "verbal" neighbors. I'm sure they will not approve. Looking forward to seeing how your coop turns out.

  2. I told my husband 10 years ago that I wanted to move to Seattle. (I too was in love with the PPMarket). He looks at me and says "You know it rains there all the time, don't you?)

    That's how we ended up in NC. (grin)