Everything is really starting to take off in the garden. I didn't end up working today, and was able to hunt around and gather supplies to build the coup. Just a couple of things came from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, including one bag of shavings, a case of Ball pint jars, a couple boxes of lids, and some chicken wire for my lettuce and cabbage. The majority of the actual coop supplies ended up coming from Home Depot since the restore is pretty much sold out of everything. Everyone must be doin projects! DARN IT!!!!

I really did have quite an interesting experience at HD. I had asked the checkout girl if someone could come out to help me load the plywood, she said OK no problem! I pulled the car up, no help. However, as I was checking out, this man named Nick was talking to me about the chickens, the coop, etc and I really was in a rush to find some help, and so I just gave him my cell number and told him to call me. So then this other dude, Terry, walks up and asks if I need some help (not from HD). So the plywood doesn't fit in the car. This guy was so nice (ended up actually being Pastor Terry) and offered to DRIVE them to my house in his van. I'm like, seriously?! Just when I had lost my faith in humanity, this guy comes and totally restores it. THEN we get to the house, and realize that we HAD LEFT A BOARD THERE! So, Pastor Terry drove me BACK to HD and retrieved the board. What a nice guy!!!

The peas are really going crazy. I can't wait to pick them! They are really in my top 3 favorite veggies. Maybe even number 1...  So here are some pics to get through the next few work days...


  1. Wow what a story! I think there's more of us "nice guys" out there in the world. It's just that we hear so much bad stuff, it's hard to think that people are truly generous.

    Your pink peas are so pretty!

  2. That was very sweet of him! And naturally you forgot one, right? Murphy's Law.

    Your garden is looking awesome!

  3. I was at a timber yard the other day and a couple there had bought some wood but it wouldn't fit in their car. I offered to take it back for them as long as they didn't live too far away, as I have a pick-up. They looked at me like I had just raped their grandmother, and he muttered, "I don't think so!"

    Screw them.

    Nice peas, by the way.