All We Need Now are the Chickens!

Its done! Its done!!! The coop is done!!! Complete with east facing picture window, and private hen entrance that can be accessed without disturbing the little beauties. All we need now are the hens! They will more than likely come home next week after we finish the outdoor run area, and get some supplies such as waterer, feeder, some more shavings, a little straw, and of course some feed and scratch. I am secretly excited to see the kitties reaction to having their own private bird show out the back window. I am sure that Punkin, aka Houdini, will be even more anxious to escape from now on. Little brat.So about the coop! I have 2 nesting boxes, and rather than cut a second access door for them, we opted for one big door for easy access and easy cleaning. I hope this works out OK. It measures about 35"x48"x48". Plenty of space for 3 happy hens :)

On a side note... I forwent lunch with my girlfriends to get this done today... A true gardener...
Kind of looks like a torture chamber....

Hen Heaven, complete with "marble" linoleum floor for easy clean up

Lots of shavings for comfort

Exterior Exit Ramp

Picture window


  1. How exciting, how wonderful! Your hen house is so clever -a very well thought out use of space. You have room for 5 -7 hens if you wanted them. You're going to love it!

    Wood shavings are the right choice. They're a little more, but they smell nice and clean-up is easy. May I recommend the tin feeder and waterer. The plastic ones don't last.

    Nice job!

  2. Kudos on the coop! The linoleum is a fabulous choice and has helped us with ease of clean up. :) I would second the metal feeders, although we have a plastic waterer that has lasted us a long time - but we hang it from the ceiling (otherwise the chickens got the water so dirty with the wood shavings and everything. It's only off the ground about six inches or so but it seems to help a lot! Good luck...now go get those hens!!

  3. Awesome! I vote the tin ones too by the way and yup, off the ground if ya can!
    Love the picture window too! You will have happy hens for sure!

  4. Wow, you guys built an awesome looking coop!