Weathering the Storm

Gosh Darn IT! ITS COLD!! AGAIN!! I know Spring will come, eventually, or it has come, and we will skip it and we will be thrust head long right into summer. I would be ok with that.

I was reading Time magazine this morning, and there was such an awesome picture of a cherry tree blooming amidst all of the wreckage and devastation in Japan. It really made me feel hopeful. A lot of people that I asked "Are you watching the Royal Wedding??" looked at me like I was friggin nuts and ridiculous. I think that with all of the economic difficulties around the world and all the disasters that have been happening (hello tornadoes in the Carolinas??), it helps us to be reminded that nature will endure whatever is thrown at it, and that love is real. The wedding gave us a day to celebrate something joyous and forget about the crap going on in the world. And it was gorgeous.

Courtesy of Time Magazine

Courtesy of this silly website Celebuzz


  1. ahhhhh..... with each new day, comes hope...

  2. We had a few very hot days, then it went cold again. I blame the wedding. It's a jinx!

  3. Sorry about your weather! We're in the same boat, though !Lol!

  4. RG, it seems as though the whole of the blogs I follow are drenched! This rain needs to stop so it can get warm and we can dig in the dirt!!!