Today's The Day!!!!

The dirt comes today!!! I am so excited I can't even stand it!!! It comes at 1 pm!!! Dear God please don't make me go to work tomorrow!!! I will post pictures of my giant heap later. Oh, this morning will be my first Jazzercise class. Yes, I said it. Jazzercise. My wonderful friend Senior Mama Flight Attendant signed me up for a free month of classes. She has been hounding me on at least trying it for oh, I don't know, 2 years?

Since we are talking about exercising, I have a new goal. Something tangible that has an actual deadline. Exactly one year from tomorrow, this out of shape gardener will be running in the Cleveland marathon. Probably only the half marathon, but nevertheless, I am going to have my shoes on the pavement along 40,000 other runners. Did I mention that I am not a runner? I just started this week on a -VERY- beginners running plan. I like it so far. I can already tell that on the days I run, I am in a MUCH better mood than when I don't. I may have to post about this every once in awhile in addition to my gardening.


  1. I get your excitement. Dirt is definitely a good thing for a gardener to have! I wish you the very best with your running schedule and marathon goal. Good for you. Please wish me well too. I just began a new exercising schedule at the gym, and I need exercise like vegetables need dirt!

  2. That is wonderful! Good Luck Jody! We can "train" together in the blogging world!

  3. Yes, I agree. Exercising always brings out the "good" energy! I'm excited to know how the dirt unloading process goes for you :)