This Weekend

We got all the beds built!!! After some serious soreness, the rest of the beds were put down on top on the grass instead of having them dug out. They look great! Now all I have to do is order dirt! I also cut some tulips from the neighbors yard (no one lives there!) and dug out a rosebush for Momma Gardener to take down to Mt Vernon and plant in her yard. The rosebushes need to go, as next year, raspberries and blueberries will live along side the house. The white rose bush is staying. I LOVE that bush!

I dug out the front yard and got rid of 2 bushes that seem to just want to grow right up my brick wall, and we decided that a small apple tree will go there. I cut a 55 gal barrel in about 2/3 and 1/3 pieces, and the tree will go inside of that, inside the ground. I am too scared to have tree roots in the actual ground since the front yard is only about 7 feet wide and goes right up to the foundation of the house. Any suggestions on what type of apple tree to get or where to get it???

I also purchased a scale of Target so we can weigh our produce. It has an 11 pound capacity, the most I could find... I am super excited to see what we actually get out of the garden.

Oh, and I watched the Royal Wedding. It was beautiful! Time to move on....
In Need of Dirt


My Scale!!!


  1. Tulips are stunning! I love that color! Do I see rocks under your sod? Beds look great! You will have lots of space for planting. It is tedious to cut up sod, although, you could lay thick layers of paper/cardboard, before adding dirt. You'll need an awful lot of dirt for those beds!

  2. Those stones are actually from the concrete pad we broke up... I am still not sure I want them in there, but I have no idea what else to do with them! I decided I am not too worried about the grass since that's what they do at the community garden and never had a problem with the grass... And yeah, the dirt is ridiculous. I called a landscaping company to get prices... It's painful, but cheaper than buying bags from Home Depot or Lowes

  3. Your tulips are beautiful! I love your scale too!

  4. wow~~ those beds look GREAT! let me know when dirt and zoo poo will arrive~~

    hugs.. Momma

  5. Things are coming along very nicely. I'm glad to hear that you're trading in the rose bushes for berries. Just about a third of our entire harvest is berries. We love them!

  6. Those will be some awesome gardening beds!!

  7. That's exciting. You'll get so much out of those new beds and that gorgeous scale too!!!