Rain Rain Rain... Did I Mention The Rain?

I got home from my trip this morning at about 1130, and was welcomed by a rainy, chilly, gray sky. I pulled in the driveway and immediately saw that my basil was looking a sickly color of yellow green, the purple basil was turning green, and my eggplants and peppers were fading as well. Poor babies! I brought them inside so they could warm up, and I hope they aren't too damaged. I left most of my tomatoes outside because, honestly, I don't think they are going to make it anyhow. They truly are pathetic. I found at the local nursery I can get 30 plants for about $17, so it isn't too big of a loss.

Now onto an actual problem... My dirt is supposed to be delivered on Tuesday morning, and this is my weather forecast... I hope this will hold true, as I set aside this week to get all the dirt into the beds, pick up compost next Sunday, and then spend next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday getting everything into the ground. I can only pray for good weather.... I guess I will spend the beginning of this week shopping for a chandelier for our new dining room project. The contractor is scheduled to start in about a week and a half, and Hubby still has to hang the plastic barrier and finish the demolition of the wall. Time is starting to creep up on me!!!


Rain 54° Rain


Rain 49° Rain


Rain 55° Rain


Rain 58° Rain


40% Chance Rain Shower 64° 40% Chance Rain Shower


Partly Sunny 69° Partly Sunny


Partly Sunny 73° Partly Sunny


  1. That's our weather too. Which is a bummer because I wanted to get soil into our raised beds. I hope your tomatoes make it!

  2. Sorry about your weather! Hope it will be dry enough until you are done with the dirt! I checked the forecast constantly before actually setting out to work on filling my raised beds. Thankfully, all set for the season!

  3. Rain here all week. A few days of nice weather and then rain, rain, rain.

  4. WE had Hail! and lucky you dont have to water, in summer we have not even a drop of rain!