Precious Little Bird

I didn't take any pictures, but this little bird will forever live in my memory.

I was driving down the street to go to the grocery store, and I passed this little bird struggling and petrified like he had just gotten hit by a car. I ended up with a red light. I watched this little bird struggling for maybe 5 seconds, and whipped the car around, and picked the little guy up out of the street and wrapped him in my sweater and told him that I loved him and everything would be OK. Tears immediately started streaming down my face when I got a look at him. His wing and neck were clearly broken, and he had a smushed eye. I didn't want him to suffer, so I drove him to the animal hospital (thankfully only about 30 seconds away) and walked in with the tears rolling, and asked them if they could just make him not suffer. That was that....

I just can't believe someone hit this poor little guy and then left him in the street like a piece of trash. It is days like this when I really just don't like people. If he had been a cat or dog, or even savable (is that a word?), he would have ended up at the Tiny Gardener's Home for Sick and Injured Animals.


  1. I'm happy for you that the animal hospital was nearby. I had a horribly injured baby bird on my patio, and I couldn't stand to see him suffering. Remembering what our veterinarian had told me years ago, about what to do if we had a severe hamster injury, I placed him very gently in a plastic bag and held it up to the exhaust pipe on my car. He went quickly, but I must admit I shed a lot of tears.