No Harvest Yet....

I called The Rock Pile and was able to change my dirt delivery to Friday afternoon, and I HOPE AND PRAY that it does not rain. Friday is already my 4th day off for my long stretch of days, and I will only have 5 days after that to get all the dirt into the beds (10 yards total including ZooPoo) and get all my babies into the ground. Mother Nature sure seems to have it in for me this spring... Please turn off the faucet for a few days? Like a week? PLEASE?!?!?!?!

Ok, tomorrow is one week into my short hair, and I am starting to get used to it... It isn't so bad... Not what I wanted, but I think I can handle it... I took this pic the other day at work.... You can't really see my bangs because I am constantly pushing them to the side. I hate hair in my face, and will just have to learn how to deal...


  1. So now we get to see the tiny gardener :) Your hair looks good to me!

    10 yards!!!!??? That's a lot of dirt and a back breaking weekend for you! My sympathies! I had a fair share of being really sore the day after unloading and hauling so much dirt:) I sincerely hope that weather co-operates in your garden work.

  2. I think it looks awesome! Short hair always makes you feel so punky and 'with it', doesn't it? And it was all for a good cause! Good job!

    And I will keep my fingers crossed that the faucet stays off for you too!

  3. RG - Yeah, I definitely have my work cut out for me. Dirt arrives friday at 1 pm, so I have the rest of that day and Saturday... It is supposed to rain again on Sunday...

    Pie Gal- Thanks for following! Yeah, I do feel a little bit more styilish with short hair, but still kind of boyish. Still adjusting... Thanks for the finger crossing!

  4. The hair is cute! It suits you and you get kudos for doing a good thing too! You could always invest in some hairbands... :o)

    Good luck with the dirt shoveling