Happy 100!!!

This is my 100th post!!!! I am so very excited!!!!

**Pulls out soap box**

Now I have to use this fabulous opportunity to express the fabulousness of my front yard and my fellow HOUSE neighbors. There is a great divide on my street between the people that live in the HOUSES and the pretentious A$$ holes that live in the fancy, expensive, "we have a home owners association," hire people to take care of our one bush, townhouses. Can you tell which group I belong to?

So anyways, we finished the gorgeous wine bottle flower border yesterday at around 2 PM. I kid you not at at about 4 PM (2, count em, 2 hours later) the "representative" from the home owners association from across the street came to "express the extreme concern" that some of the townhouse owners have about it. He asked us if we were at all concerned, and we were like, uh, if we were concerned, we wouldn't have put it in, but just to be nosy, what are you all so concerned about? Mr A, who later revealed that he is the PRESIDENT of the home owners association, said, "well, the neighborhood kids of course. They break stuff and make a ruckus, etc." And we simply said "Well, we don't belong to your home owners assoc, so get over it." But what I really wanted to say was, the kid that is the top of the troublemakers group in my neighbor hood loves our front yard and likes and respects us, and he already expressed that he will protect our yard. I mean, there is probably some thug 3 streets over selling drugs and raping someone, and you are concerned about wine bottles??? You didn't seem concerned when we had thousands of them strewn all over the porch and we looked like the people on "Hoarders." But now that it looks awesome, you want to raise concern? I'm sorry, but get the hell over it.

What gets me about this whole thing is that these people don't even come outside of their houses and socialize with their own neighbors. They speed down the street in their Mercedes and Lexus cars, pull into the ir garages, and never see the light of day. They can't even come outside to express concern to people. They bitch out and call their association and have them do it. They can't even show their friggin faces. The only person over there that is an exception is Steve, and he doesn't like any of them either.

**Puts soap box away**


  1. That's so funny! I have the same feelings about pretentious people (and that includes the ones that are related to me by marriage). Once Mr. Granny wanted to move into a condo on the golf course. Boy, did I put the skids on that idea! I can just see me planting turnips on the 18th hole, LOL!

    Congrats on the 100th post....I'll be here watching for number 200 :-)

  2. Thanks Granny! Agreed, I also cannot imagine living in a condo like that. Just not for me!!!

  3. I can't believe those HOA-bad enough they control your every move if you live there, but to try and get the neighborhood outside their jurisdiction to "obey" is ridiculous!
    I could NEVER adapt to living in one of those places. Personally, I'd start hanging my laundry OUT FRONT. They might just drop over dead from the shock of it all!