Got Dirt?

Coz I sure do! Not only do I have 6 wonderful beds full of dirt, I am also starting to get "the glow." Some may call it a farmers tan, but I call it the garden glow. The wonderful tan lines of my tank tops and flip flops. I LOVE IT!!! So here is a recap of the last 2 days in photos.
Here is the Truck!

Backing up...

Here it Comes!

This was a VERY Tall Truck

(this pic does NOT do this pile justice) This HUGE pile of dirt...

...was soon reduced to this small pile

And became these beautiful garden beds!

This morning I also went to the garden work day that started at 9 am, and no one showed up until 10ish, and I left at 1030 because I wanted to get to the farmers market and get some plants before I missed out. I got 6 heirloom varietes, one of each, Green Zebra, Thai Pink Egg, Ananas, Black Plum, Purple Russian, and riesentraube. I also picked up a 4-pack of some sort of black cherry tomato that I forgot the name of and unfortunately do not have a sticker for. That's ok, it isnt an heirloom variety, so I will probably only grow it this year. I have no idea what any these are going to end up looking like, and plan on googling them all as soon as I am done with this post. We were also able to recruit some help yesterday for all of the shoveling, Senior and her hubby Marky Mark.  Now for some more fun pics of dirt shoveling.
Senior striking a garden pose

My garden pose

Marky Mark looking pensive

I love this guy!

Teamwork :)

Its tough being a kitty and laying in the sun all day

Again, what a tough life


  1. my heart dances with joy~~~ i love you pea pod...and uh.. i love that cute guy who was helping you too.... momma

  2. Yeah for dirt! And yeah for 'the glow'! I call it my hillbilly tan. Pretty sure the flip-flop feet never fades. :)

  3. Your beds look perfect. You're ready now!

  4. Good for you! Weather looked great(from pics)! Let the gardening begin......!!

  5. That's what I did yesterday too, fill my raised bed with soil and compost. Now I am so exhausted from all the shoveling. I can't wait to see it all growing.

  6. Great Pics..."Strike a pose!" You're doing the garden Vogue.

    My coworkers commented on my gardeners tan this week. I'll look horrible in a bathing suit with all those lines!

  7. You've gotta love a pile of dirt! Fun post..love that everyone can strike a pose! :)