Front Yard and a Cherry Tree

The front yard is DONE!!! I got my was and we got a semi-dwarf fruit tree, in fact a sour cherry tree so I can make pies and jam and pastries. Yum! I am sure we wont get any fruit this year, but I am definitely hopeful for next year. It is a self pollinating tree so we didn't need to get a pair of them like you would an apple tree. My hostas are just starting to com up so you can barely see them in the pictures, but they are really pretty. The wine bottle border turned out AWESOME. I got sick of peeling labels off, so only the blue and clear bottles are naked. It looks so good! We are kind of pooped and didnt get anything else done, but that's fine as I have 8 days off next week. I will finish off the backyard in due time.


  1. OMG>>>> I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
    those wine bottles are so perfect there... and your neighborhood is THE perfect place.... all the neighbors will be doing the same thing... very, very cool.. love love love it!

    and uh, I am ready for some pie and ice cream :)

  2. I am in love with your recycled wine bottle border! Brilliant! Congrats on your cherry tree, too :-)

  3. I have a sour cherry tree! I didn't know you could make jam from those cherries. Do you have a favorite recipe? Love your border.

  4. Great job recycling wine bottles! I hope your cherry tree gives you lots of fruits in the years to follow!

  5. Thanks everyone!

    RG, I haven't made cherry jam yet, but the guy at the garden center said the cherries make great jam and pies. For my jams I have always used Ball jar recipes. I am too scared to make my own jam recipes because I have had more than a few batches that never "jammed" so I just use others recipes! I am a cheat!!!