The End of my Mini Vacation

Today is the last day of my self made vacation. I have had 9 glorious days off of work, and have gotten the garden mostly done. All of the tomatoes are planted, all of the peppers and eggplant, as well as most of the herbs (I ran out of pots.) I never did get my ZooPoo because all of the rain has prevented the crew over at the zoo from being able to finish it off for the sale. I have requested a refund. Bummer, but oh well. Moving on... Next year, the garden will be amended and full of poo :)  Here are some pics for Wednesday's Walkabout (this is a weekly thing started by another blogger, but honestly, I read so many that I can't remember who, but when I figure it out, I will let ya know!) As a small side note, the broccoli and kale that my wonderful cats ate is starting to come back. I will plant it soon and see what happens!
Herbs down the line - rosemary, amethyst basil, genovese basil, gb again, gb again, sage, oregano, thyme

I love when the chives bloom!

So feathery and pretty!

Irises are exploding

The front yard is totally done! I feel so accomplished!

Crack bush will soon have hundreds of blooms

My favorite rose bush is also covered in buds

I have to get some netting or chicken wire... I had 6 cabbages planted here, and the dang birds ate them with the hour!

Pepper and Eggplant bed

My "Old Hag" bed... AKA heirloom tomatoes

I hope this brandywine makes it. One of the only tomatoes to survive my early excitement for seed sowing

Can't you see it? Soon it will be all strawberries... Eventually...

Garden Aerial


  1. I think your brandywine will make it. It looks ok to me. I love your row of pots! What do you do with so much basil? I have yet to plant peppers and tomatoes outdoors!

  2. Very nice work. Your hubby will be happy it's all done I'm sure! I love the aerial view of your raised beds. It's going to be great to watch them fill in through the season.

  3. RG, I put basil in everything! Eggs, pastas, tomato everything, chicken dishes, it just screams summer to me. Plus I like to make pesto, freeze it in ice cube trays, and have it through the winter. I can NEVER have enough basil.

    Jody, agreed! I can't wait to see the garden through these shots. I think it will be really neat once the season is totally over to look back.