E Reader?

This is my 5th day away from home, and I have no garden news. I don't get home until tomorrow evening, so I doubt I will even get around to looking at the garden since I will only have one day off, and then back to the grind. All of this work time has had me thinking... Nook or Kindle? I am partial to the Kindle, but I have yet to take the plunge into the not-so-new world of techie books. I am a book girl. I like the turning of pages, dog-earing my place, the smell of the paper. But they are heavy. And I am a traveler. Do you have an e reader? which one? why? do you love it?


  1. My vote is for an iPad. I used to have a Kindle but gave it away when I got my iPad.

  2. I am a book girl too, I don't know if I can get used to reading on a screen. I like to turn pages. :) But you're right, books are heavy and not so fabulous to lug around. Let us know what you decide on!

  3. I have the Nook and LOVE IT! Love that it is all touch, no keys or fobs for up/down.

    Either way, you wont regret it! I thought I would miss turning the pages/holding a book too, but after one book...you'll be over it instantly! I actually read way more now than I used to because it is just a touch away. Or maybe that's a bad thing???