Community Garden Update

First of all, finals are over! YAY!!! I can concentrate fully on the garden and our yard now. That makes one happy gardener!!!

Things are really getting going down at the Community Garden. My peas are about 8 inches tall now, and my onions are really starting to fill out, as far as onions go. The actual stems are about 1/2-1 inch tall. The area around my bed is starting to get filled in with the mint that grow like crazy, and I keep pulling it in fear that it will take over the actual bed within the summer. I will NOT be a happy camper!!! Even though it smells awesome and tastes great, mint is one of the most invasive plants. I don't even grow it simply because it grows like a cancer wherever it takes root. I can harvest it from everywhere in the neighborhood!

So anyways, my neighbor's strawberries have flowers on them, and someone created a new plot on the corner. There is a HUGE pile of humus just waiting to be put into beds on the work day. I hope I am home for it. We get out plants delivered that day, and I am in need of tomatoes since mine look like total hell. I think only a few of them will make it into the garden. I MUST NOT start them so early next year.

On the Home Front, all the beds are built, and I have ordered my dirt. It is scheduled to arrive next Tuesday at 8 am. Yay!!!



New Bed with Oregano





  1. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, that oregano is as evil as mint! I just learned that sometime back and am trying to get rid of it from my garden. Peas look really really good, you will have a bountiful harvest from them. You are much ahead of me in onion and strawberry patch.

  2. Ah, the oregano is in a neighbors plot, so no worries there. And I WISH those were my strawberries! Our patch won't go in until next year :(

  3. Stopping by from A Diva's Garden. So glad I read your post. I was prepared to do companion gardening this year and I've purchased both mint and oregano to plant with cukes & tomatoes. Having second thoughts now.