Allergies in Full Swing

First, let me say that the sun is actually out while I am writing this post! SUN! Now, uh, for those of you that have forgotten what it looks like (like me) it is bright, and warm, and full of happy making vitamin D. (Only seconds after typing that, it is getting gray again and preparing to rain.) The front yard is doing well, tree and bottles included.

Now, the news has been reporting that this year is one of the worst years for allergies. It seems that they say that every year. I am not one for outdoor allergies, pollen and ragweed, etc. However, I AM allergic to cats. This is not an easy thing to deal with given that I am momma to 3 indoor cats. It isn't so bad when I don't have Oliver sleeping on my head every night, all night and am breathing in his allergy making dust. But honestly, who could resist these cute little faces?? Even if I do sneeze every morning, ALL morning long....




  1. how cute are my little grandkitties.... haha.. what did you do, drug Charlotte??? I am surprised she did not catch you trying to take her picture!

    love you pea pod~~ (and uh..I really love your hair)

  2. Heehee! Cute kitties! I have a doggie who thinks she is my neck scarf at night. She has no clue when it's 130 degrees that it's not appreciated.

  3. Ma, that pic of Charlotte was when she was an itty bitty babe and was snuggling with Punkin for security. And the camera has extreme zoom :)

    APG, what is is with animals? They always find the most inopportune time to snuggle, ie heatwaves and dinnertime...

  4. Cute pets! Especially love the last pic, with charlotte sleeping the way, she did:)