E Reader?

This is my 5th day away from home, and I have no garden news. I don't get home until tomorrow evening, so I doubt I will even get around to looking at the garden since I will only have one day off, and then back to the grind. All of this work time has had me thinking... Nook or Kindle? I am partial to the Kindle, but I have yet to take the plunge into the not-so-new world of techie books. I am a book girl. I like the turning of pages, dog-earing my place, the smell of the paper. But they are heavy. And I am a traveler. Do you have an e reader? which one? why? do you love it?


Precious Little Bird

I didn't take any pictures, but this little bird will forever live in my memory.

I was driving down the street to go to the grocery store, and I passed this little bird struggling and petrified like he had just gotten hit by a car. I ended up with a red light. I watched this little bird struggling for maybe 5 seconds, and whipped the car around, and picked the little guy up out of the street and wrapped him in my sweater and told him that I loved him and everything would be OK. Tears immediately started streaming down my face when I got a look at him. His wing and neck were clearly broken, and he had a smushed eye. I didn't want him to suffer, so I drove him to the animal hospital (thankfully only about 30 seconds away) and walked in with the tears rolling, and asked them if they could just make him not suffer. That was that....

I just can't believe someone hit this poor little guy and then left him in the street like a piece of trash. It is days like this when I really just don't like people. If he had been a cat or dog, or even savable (is that a word?), he would have ended up at the Tiny Gardener's Home for Sick and Injured Animals.


The End of my Mini Vacation

Today is the last day of my self made vacation. I have had 9 glorious days off of work, and have gotten the garden mostly done. All of the tomatoes are planted, all of the peppers and eggplant, as well as most of the herbs (I ran out of pots.) I never did get my ZooPoo because all of the rain has prevented the crew over at the zoo from being able to finish it off for the sale. I have requested a refund. Bummer, but oh well. Moving on... Next year, the garden will be amended and full of poo :)  Here are some pics for Wednesday's Walkabout (this is a weekly thing started by another blogger, but honestly, I read so many that I can't remember who, but when I figure it out, I will let ya know!) As a small side note, the broccoli and kale that my wonderful cats ate is starting to come back. I will plant it soon and see what happens!
Herbs down the line - rosemary, amethyst basil, genovese basil, gb again, gb again, sage, oregano, thyme

I love when the chives bloom!

So feathery and pretty!

Irises are exploding

The front yard is totally done! I feel so accomplished!

Crack bush will soon have hundreds of blooms

My favorite rose bush is also covered in buds

I have to get some netting or chicken wire... I had 6 cabbages planted here, and the dang birds ate them with the hour!

Pepper and Eggplant bed

My "Old Hag" bed... AKA heirloom tomatoes

I hope this brandywine makes it. One of the only tomatoes to survive my early excitement for seed sowing

Can't you see it? Soon it will be all strawberries... Eventually...

Garden Aerial


Got Dirt?

Coz I sure do! Not only do I have 6 wonderful beds full of dirt, I am also starting to get "the glow." Some may call it a farmers tan, but I call it the garden glow. The wonderful tan lines of my tank tops and flip flops. I LOVE IT!!! So here is a recap of the last 2 days in photos.
Here is the Truck!

Backing up...

Here it Comes!

This was a VERY Tall Truck

(this pic does NOT do this pile justice) This HUGE pile of dirt...

...was soon reduced to this small pile

And became these beautiful garden beds!

This morning I also went to the garden work day that started at 9 am, and no one showed up until 10ish, and I left at 1030 because I wanted to get to the farmers market and get some plants before I missed out. I got 6 heirloom varietes, one of each, Green Zebra, Thai Pink Egg, Ananas, Black Plum, Purple Russian, and riesentraube. I also picked up a 4-pack of some sort of black cherry tomato that I forgot the name of and unfortunately do not have a sticker for. That's ok, it isnt an heirloom variety, so I will probably only grow it this year. I have no idea what any these are going to end up looking like, and plan on googling them all as soon as I am done with this post. We were also able to recruit some help yesterday for all of the shoveling, Senior and her hubby Marky Mark.  Now for some more fun pics of dirt shoveling.
Senior striking a garden pose

My garden pose

Marky Mark looking pensive

I love this guy!

Teamwork :)

Its tough being a kitty and laying in the sun all day

Again, what a tough life


Today's The Day!!!!

The dirt comes today!!! I am so excited I can't even stand it!!! It comes at 1 pm!!! Dear God please don't make me go to work tomorrow!!! I will post pictures of my giant heap later. Oh, this morning will be my first Jazzercise class. Yes, I said it. Jazzercise. My wonderful friend Senior Mama Flight Attendant signed me up for a free month of classes. She has been hounding me on at least trying it for oh, I don't know, 2 years?

Since we are talking about exercising, I have a new goal. Something tangible that has an actual deadline. Exactly one year from tomorrow, this out of shape gardener will be running in the Cleveland marathon. Probably only the half marathon, but nevertheless, I am going to have my shoes on the pavement along 40,000 other runners. Did I mention that I am not a runner? I just started this week on a -VERY- beginners running plan. I like it so far. I can already tell that on the days I run, I am in a MUCH better mood than when I don't. I may have to post about this every once in awhile in addition to my gardening.


Duh! Why Didn't I Think of That?!

Yes, this is my second post of the day. What can I say? The sun is out and I keep finding things to talk about! Oh, yeah, no rain yet, and I could have had my dirt delivered this morning... Ugh... Anyways! If there is anything you need to know, just ask your mother. Seriously. Or mine. When I was little, my mother knew everything! How to sew, cook, use tools, make barbie doll clothes and horse show clothes alike, everything! (She still does, but I will get to that.) When I was a tweenager and into my actual teens, she knew nothing. Now that I am a grown up, she knows EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING.

My point? I asked earlier about tulips and what to do with them now that they look as though they had been around the block and put away wet, and so I asked Momma Gardener. "Fold them over and tie them" she says. I was like, seriously? Thats it? She says, "That's it." Duh! Why didn't I think of that?! She said that this will force the plant to store its nutrients in the bulb and then I can dig them up and move them in the fall. Easy as that! My mother knows everything. And so I went outside with the thought "tulip killer tulip killer" running through my head, just like Julie Powell in "Julie and Julia"... "Lobster Killer, lobster killer, lobstaaaa killaaaa"

Now for another problem, one that can't be dealt with by Momma G or by lack of rain... My side yard smells like cat turds. That is because it is chock full of them. The neighborhood cats are the biggest friggin pains ever. Cute as they may be, I hate them! (and I say this as my adopted stray from this neighborhood is sleeping on me) I hate them!!!! So what does a resourceful girl with city blood and country background do? SPrinkle the ground with baking soda of course! (I am desperate here people). If it works in cat litter and in the fridge, why can't it work outside? If you have a better idea to keep these brats out of my dirt, then by all means, please please please share!!!
backyard complete with composters

decapitated tulips

neighborhood litter box

Some Work Before the Rain

It was sunny this morning! It is supposed to start raining around 1, and I just had to take advantage of the dry morning. I got the composters built, but for some reason, don't have a picture of them on this round of pics. I promise I will post one later today. I got the side garden all weeded out and ready for raspberries from Momma Gardener, and weeded the front yard as well. Not too many weeds there since we just "landscaped" it about 2 weeks ago. I say "landscaped" even though it's only about 6*9 ft... The date has been pretty much set for Bill the Wonderman to come and finish our wall... Hubby is about 1/3 of the way through with taking the wall out so that Bill can finish the hole and make it a dining room. We even bought a chandelier!

OH! Do any of you know what I am supposed to do with tulips after they are done blooming? Should I cute them down? Just let them die? I know I want to move them in the fall to around my cherry tree, but I am just not sure of what to do with them right now... 
My "Side Garden"

Spent Tulips

Iris! I LOVE these!

The Dust Barrier

Inside the PLastic

The Wall Before


Weather Update

Ok so yeah... Mother Nature can just suck it right about now. I am truly fed up with the rain and not being able to get ANYTHING done. My to-do list is about 4,538 pages long, and I will have exactly 2 days to get it all done. The dirt comes Friday afternoon, so it all must be in the beds by sundown Saturday... I have no idea what to do about the ZooPoo... They already canceled one date because of the rain, and who knows what they will do this week. However, if it is not picked up on Sunday, it cant be picked up EVER. So I may just be shoveling shit in the rain come Sunday afternoon.

Saturday is a BIG day... Community Garden work day and plant pick up, plant sale at the farmers market, and the last day of sunshine for, oh I don't know, EVER??? Oh, did I mention I am on the schedule to possibly work on Saturday? Yeah, great. Awesome. I may have to try and personal drop it and lose 4 hours of pay, but I can't afford to go another ENTIRE WEEK of rain, then 6 days away from home working and not get my garden in. It seems that my grand plan to take this week off has been totally shot to hell. At this rate, the garden won't be in until Fall... I would depend on Hubby to do most of this, but his work schedule is kind of take it as it comes. If he has to work, he has to work. He doesn't have the option of saying no. The joys of being self-employed. So anyways, this is my weather forecast for the next week....



Hi: 64°



Hi: 69°
Partly cloudy. Highs in the lower 70s. Northwest winds around 5 mph.



Hi: 74°
Mostly sunny in the morning...then becoming partly cloudy. Highs in the mid 70s.



Hi: 74°
Partly sunny with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. Highs in the upper 70s. Chance of rain 50 percent.



Hi: 74°
Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. Highs in the upper 70s. Chance of rain 50 percent.



Hi: 70°
Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. Highs in the lower 70s. Chance of rain 50 percent.

Allergies in Full Swing

First, let me say that the sun is actually out while I am writing this post! SUN! Now, uh, for those of you that have forgotten what it looks like (like me) it is bright, and warm, and full of happy making vitamin D. (Only seconds after typing that, it is getting gray again and preparing to rain.) The front yard is doing well, tree and bottles included.

Now, the news has been reporting that this year is one of the worst years for allergies. It seems that they say that every year. I am not one for outdoor allergies, pollen and ragweed, etc. However, I AM allergic to cats. This is not an easy thing to deal with given that I am momma to 3 indoor cats. It isn't so bad when I don't have Oliver sleeping on my head every night, all night and am breathing in his allergy making dust. But honestly, who could resist these cute little faces?? Even if I do sneeze every morning, ALL morning long....




No Harvest Yet....

I called The Rock Pile and was able to change my dirt delivery to Friday afternoon, and I HOPE AND PRAY that it does not rain. Friday is already my 4th day off for my long stretch of days, and I will only have 5 days after that to get all the dirt into the beds (10 yards total including ZooPoo) and get all my babies into the ground. Mother Nature sure seems to have it in for me this spring... Please turn off the faucet for a few days? Like a week? PLEASE?!?!?!?!

Ok, tomorrow is one week into my short hair, and I am starting to get used to it... It isn't so bad... Not what I wanted, but I think I can handle it... I took this pic the other day at work.... You can't really see my bangs because I am constantly pushing them to the side. I hate hair in my face, and will just have to learn how to deal...


Rain Rain Rain... Did I Mention The Rain?

I got home from my trip this morning at about 1130, and was welcomed by a rainy, chilly, gray sky. I pulled in the driveway and immediately saw that my basil was looking a sickly color of yellow green, the purple basil was turning green, and my eggplants and peppers were fading as well. Poor babies! I brought them inside so they could warm up, and I hope they aren't too damaged. I left most of my tomatoes outside because, honestly, I don't think they are going to make it anyhow. They truly are pathetic. I found at the local nursery I can get 30 plants for about $17, so it isn't too big of a loss.

Now onto an actual problem... My dirt is supposed to be delivered on Tuesday morning, and this is my weather forecast... I hope this will hold true, as I set aside this week to get all the dirt into the beds, pick up compost next Sunday, and then spend next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday getting everything into the ground. I can only pray for good weather.... I guess I will spend the beginning of this week shopping for a chandelier for our new dining room project. The contractor is scheduled to start in about a week and a half, and Hubby still has to hang the plastic barrier and finish the demolition of the wall. Time is starting to creep up on me!!!


Rain 54° Rain


Rain 49° Rain


Rain 55° Rain


Rain 58° Rain


40% Chance Rain Shower 64° 40% Chance Rain Shower


Partly Sunny 69° Partly Sunny


Partly Sunny 73° Partly Sunny