Some Quick Pics Before the Rain

It is going to get all crazy stormy here in a short bit, and I wanted to snap some pictures of the growth in the yard so far... We still only have one bed in the back yard, so no progress there... The tulips are getting big, and I really really REALLY hope I don't miss them when they bloom. This is my first year with tulips, and I really love them, and I just don't want to miss the show! Both my hydrangeas are growing back. I have a fairly standard variety, and I also have the Invincible Spirit variety. Last year my Invincible Spirit seamed pretty, uh, well UNinivincible... I am VERY pleased that it is growing back, slowly but surely. The front yard needs a ton of work, the mulch needs to be raked off, 2 bushes need to be removed, the dirt needs to be turned over again this year, the wine bottle wall needs to go in, as well as my gladiolus bulbs, and the hosta need to be moved back a few inches to make way for the wine bottle wall... My rose bushes on the side yard are showing some CRAZY growth! My white rose bush is coming along slowly, but I have another variety (no idea what) that grows like it is on crack. It's truly insane. It only blooms once, and I am considering getting rid of it...

My Crack Bush

Soon to be Purple Tulips!!!

Lots of Hydrangea growth

My weedy front yard, and a stray wine bottle from the "collection"

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  1. hmm... a stray wine bottle.... hmmm.. now where oh where did he come from.... haha