Its Been Nearly A Week!!!

I have been quite the absentee blogger. My sort of a sore throat last week has manifested itself into a full on cold, and it sucks! I made a batch of chicken stock today, since I am sure I will be making soup for the next few days... The garden plans have been on kind of a standstill, with me being sickly, and the weather being well, you know. It was gorgeous today, but I found myself at home working on my home work, and then had to trek to the university to actually take my exam. I think I did O.K.

No pictures, since we can't seem to find the battery charger for the camera. I'm still coming up with a plan on what to do if we can't find it. I would LOVE to just go out and get a new camera, but that just isn't going to happen. With the home renovations and garden start up costs, there just isnt a whole lot of extra money laying around to spend on whatever.

I did check on my peas and onions, and they all seem to be sprouting just fine. Thank Goodness! The herbs are all getting huge, and the tomatoes are getting leggy. I absolutely MUST NOT start my tomatoes so darn early next year. And we have decided that we need much more table/seedling/light space to start all of our plants next year. So the plans for that are already underway. The eggplant and peppers are doing well also. I have to admit, I have been in a gardening fog lately, and I have no idea what I need to tackle next....

Momma Gardener is coming for a visit at the end of the month! I am so excited! We are going to have a Royal Wedding Party! I don't know what the mystique of the whole thing is, but I am sucked into it, big time! I am going to make all kinds of British food... I haven't decided on the menu, but it will be fabulous!


  1. oh pea pod... i really hope your cold goes away soon~~ if the stupid weather could make up its mind it would really help

    wedding countdown is on! YIPEEEEEEE

  2. I'm sorry you are sick. Feel better!! I tried to wait to grow tomatoes too. I started mine last week.