Are You There Spring? It's Me, Tiny Gardener....

The weather is nuts! Yesterday, cold and stormy. Today, warm (supposed to be in the 70's) and sunny off and on through the day. I was wondering if maybe Spring was going to skip Cleveland completely, but maybe not! I will definitely take these current temperatures. Last week, we were able to put in one raised bed before the cold and rain got to us (and by us, I mean Hubby) and staked out 2 others still to be dug. Somehow, the measurements I had for the back yard were, uh, off... I am only going to be able to have 7 total beds instead of 10. That's O.K.!!! I will take it!!!

I bit the bullet and ordered a battery charger for the camera. I just couldn't take it anymore!!! I charged it up, and took it out this morning. I got pics of everything!

Hydrangea Growth

The back yard

Chives (I've been able to cut some!)

The Community Garden



Neighbor Gardener's Garlic

Elsie's Forsythia

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